How Long For Plasma Pen Results? Setting Your Expectations Before Treatment

How Long For Plasma Pen Results? Setting Your Expectations Before Treatment

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Wondering how long to see results from plasma pen therapy? Let’s set expectations before you start plasma pen treatment!

It’s important that you’re aware of the factors that can delay the healing process (or speed it up) post-plasma pen treatment, as this influences how quickly results are seen. These factors can vary from genetics to the quality of your plasma pen.

Determining what factors you can control can be extremely helpful in preparing for success, whether it be avoiding using anti-inflammatories while undergoing plasma pen treatment or practicing quality aftercare to protect the skin and encourage a speedy healing process.

Let’s get into how long it takes to see plasma pen results, what factors to be aware of that can slow down the process, and how to speed up healing to notice results quicker!

Quick Introduction to Plasma Pen Therapy

Before we get into how long for plasma pen results to be noticed, here’s a quick introduction to plasma pen therapy.

Plasma pen therapy is a viral non-invasive skincare procedure that treats various skin blemish concerns - such as plasma pen mole removal, skin tightening, and acne scars. It performs treatment by using electrical energy to convert nitrogen and oxygen into a plasma arc that contacts the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin. This produces micro burns to the skin to stimulate the production of two essential proteins - collagen and elastin, which are responsible for the health and structure of the skin.

But, is plasma pen safe? Check out our blog for more in-depth answers on plasma pen dangers that can be readily avoided to benefit from this miraculous skincare treatment!

Factors Affecting How Long to See Results for Plasma Pen

Many factors can deter how fast results appear post-plasma pen treatment. From immune function to the size and depth of the treated area, consider these factors that might affect how long it may take for you to see results from plasma pen therapy!

The Size & Depth of the Treated Area

A significant factor determining how long for plasma pen results to kick in is the size and depth of the treated area.

If the treatment area is minor and not as deep or severe, this can contribute to more noticeable results faster. This is because the site won’t require as many treatments to stimulate the healing and reproduction of new skin cells deep within the skin up to the surface layer.

For example, the fibroblast before and after stomach tummy tuck expectations may show a less noticeable change due to the larger treatment area and depending on the severity of the loose skin.

It may require multiple treatments for cases with a larger area and depth to be treated. You should see progress with each plasma pen session throughout the treatment process, but the ultimate desirable end goal from treatment may require patience, consistency, and excellent aftercare!

Your Individual Skin Type

Before beginning treatment, it is essential to understand that not all skin types are ideal for plasma pen treatment. Following the Fitzpatrick skin scale, if your skin is labeled Type I, Type II, or Type III, your skin is considered ideal for treatment. However, suppose your skin falls under Type IV, Type V, or Type VI. In that case, it is unsafe to receive plasma pen therapy as these skin types are susceptible to hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation, and scarring.

Your skin type can dictate whether you can safely receive plasma pen treatment to achieve desired results. Learn more in our article on who is the fibroblast plasma pen not good for.

Your Health, Immune System, & Genetics

Other factors that contribute to how long for plasma pen results to be noticeable include your health, immune system, and genetics.

Say your immune system isn’t strong or your health is declining, whether from sickness, condition, disorder, or genetic issues that contribute to a weak immune system. This can affect expectations on how long to see results from plasma pen treatment because the healing process is delayed. The skin is less likely to regenerate when the immune system weakens, with wounds lingering longer than average.

Regarding how long to see results from plasma pen treatment, these factors can contribute to how well your results appear and how many sessions the skin blemish concern may require for desired progress.

The Aftercare Routine You Follow

One of the most significant contributors to receiving the highest quality progress post-treatment during the healing process is prioritizing proper plasma pen aftercare.

After the procedure, the skin is extremely sensitive. Plasma pen scabs form, which need to be handled with care, as poor aftercare can raise the risk of infection or scarring if not taken seriously.

It is highly advised to avoid your usual skincare routine, putting away the skincare products that contain fragrances or chemicals that will agitate the healing skin. Instead, products like Aquaphor or Vaseline are excellent for soothing inflamed skin, helping to speed up the healing process and promoting better results.

This includes other aftercare procedures that need to be researched and implemented so that you can achieve your desired skincare goals in fewer sessions.


For more information on the plasma pen healing process day by day, our blog provides helpful tips and step-by-step guides on what to expect, what products to use for spectacular aftercare, and more!

The Quality of Your Plasma Pen

Using any old plasma pen won’t guarantee the results you’ve been dreaming of. Purchasing a low-quality plasma pen can affect the quality of the results. This can cause the results to come impossibly slower or not at all!

Performing plasma pen treatment with a reputable, high-quality plasma pen designed to establish desired results will grant you progress with each treatment. And depending on factors like the treatment site’s size and severity, this can come within 1 - 4 sessions. Comparatively, using a low-quality plasma pen will only extend the required sessions.

Exposure to Sun and UV Light/Radiation

Before and after plasma pen treatment, staying out of the sun is advised. This is to avoid exposure to UV light, which can raise the risk of hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation.

The treated area should be protected for about three months after treatment while the collagen rejuvenates and heals the skin. The skin needs to have time to establish a solid protective barrier before being exposed to the sun’s harsh rays to deter any further damage to the skin barrier. Wearing sunscreen is acceptable 7-10 days post-treatment to help protect the skin from UV light.

Not heeding this crucial information can prompt the risk of pigmentation concerns and other skin damage, defeating the treatment's purpose and lengthening the treatment time needed to see plasma pen results.

Use of Certain Medications

It is vital to avoid using anti-inflammatory medications while receiving plasma pen treatment. The body’s inflammatory response plays a vital role in the healing process. If it is inhibited, it affects the quality of plasma pen treatment, slowing the skin’s recovery. This can result in the possibility of more sessions required to address the targeted skin blemish concern.

So, How Long for Plasma Results Does it Usually Take?

Do you want to finally get the answer on what to expect for how long to see results from plasma pen treatment? Here it is!

Typically, it can take 8-12 weeks to see the results from treatment after the skin has completely healed. You may notice slight changes before then, but the results will be more evident once the collagen and elastin have restructured the skin by replenishing, rejuvenating, and revitalizing the skin barrier for a youthful, fresh appearance.

Although this progress may be seen, the treatment area may require more plasma pen sessions depending on the skin blemish concern and other factors inhibiting the healing process. In our blog, we dive into other commonly asked questions, like how many plasma pen treatments are needed and how long do plasma pen results last!

Tips for Speeding Up the Process to See Results Fast

How long to see results from plasma pen therapy can vary depending on how you approach treatment. For example, using the best at-home plasma pen and prioritizing quality aftercare can do wonders in speeding up the healing process so you can achieve results quickly. Continue reading for more informative tips on achieving quicker results from plasma pen treatment!

Get the Best At-Home Plasma Pen Possible

If you want to avoid the hefty plasma pen treatment cost of numerous sessions, then consider purchasing the quality fibroblast plasma pen for sale at Dermavel.

At Dermavel, our high-quality at-home fibroblast plasma pen saves you money and the inconvenience of traveling to an office for treatment. Our plasma pen boasts the same results at a cosmetologist’s office, if not better. Just take a look at these plasma pen pictures and see for yourself - or read our plasma pen reviews.

With a money-back guarantee, you’ll be absolutely overjoyed with the results you can achieve - all without leaving the house!

Take the Time to Learn Proper Usage

Knowing how to use a plasma pen can determine the quality of the results. Proper usage and technique will allow you to speed up the process and note substantial progress in your skin blemish treatment.

One example of using the plasma pen properly is that the pen should never touch the skin during treatment. Instead, the pen should be held 1-2 mm away from the skin for the plasma to effectively contact the epidermis to create micro burns to the skin and engage stimulation of collagen and elastin. Using the tips and guidance given on our blog, plasma pen treatment can be performed smoothly to encourage faster results.

Prioritize Aftercare Treatment

As we’ve discussed for how long for plasma pen results to be noticeable, aftercare should be prioritized. It plays a major role in the skin’s healing process, protecting the healing skin barrier from damage as it focuses on replenishing the skin.

By prioritizing aftercare treatment, you promote success, quicker results, and the prevention of skin damage. Learn more in our blog as we answer questions like when can I wash my face after plasma pen, when can I wear makeup after plasma pen treatment, how to manage the plasma pen swelling or plasma pen scabs phases, and more.

Final Thoughts on How Long for Plasma Pen Results

Throughout this article, we discussed how long to see results from plasma pen therapy and what factors can hinder the healing process. Aftercare, the quality of the plasma pen, and overall health can contribute to plasma pen treatment results.

Made with the highest quality, durable materials, you can purchase the best plasma pen at Dermavel for quicker, better, longer-lasting plasma pen therapy results. Whether to address signs of aging, remove skin tags, or target acne scars, our at-home fibroblast plasma pen can do the job in no time for a healthy, youthful, glowing appearance!

Get your at-home fibroblast plasma pen today at Dermavel for speedy results from this miraculous treatment!


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