Plasma Pen Skin Tightening At Home: Does It Work?

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As we grow older, our skin loses its elasticity and produces less collagen, which leads to wrinkles and saggy skin. Although growing old and wrinkly is an inevitable part of life, it wouldn’t hurt to delay the process a bit longer, right?

Plasma Pen treatment is a revolutionary technology that has changed the cosmetic industry forever. It targets the fibroblasts of the skin, stimulating the production of new, healthy collagen, which helps bring back a youthful look.

Plasma Pen procedures can be performed by a medical professional or a certified esthetician - or, you can buy your very own pen and use it from the comfort of your home! This makes for a great investment if the results you want require multiple treatments. However, just like with any at-home procedure, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration.

To help you determine if this is the right approach for you, we will go over the Plasma Pen skin tightening basics that you should know before trying this technology out. You’ll learn all about its benefits, side effects, results, and everything else you can expect.

What Is An At-Home Plasma Pen Skin Tightening Procedure?

A Plasma Pen is a small handheld device with a needle-like tip where the arc of plasma passes. The process of treating a problem area with a Plasma Pen involves making minor controlled burns on the skin (also known as micro-injuries), which is responsible for encouraging the production of new collagen. Plasma Pen treatments are non-invasive, and the needle-like tip will never actually touch the skin directly.

As we’ve said before, you can perform Plasma Pen treatments on your own at home. However, it is imperative that you know how to do it properly. Here is what a general Plasma Pen skin tightening procedure looks like:

  • Cleanse the area and apply a topical numbing cream. Wait for the cream to take effect (this can take about 30 minutes).
  • Turn on the Plasma Pen and set it at the right setting. It is recommended to start at 1 or 2 if you are a beginner; you can turn the setting up as you become more experienced using your device. Before you start using the Plasma Pen, mark the skin around the target area if necessary.
  • Press the Plasma Pen start button every time you apply the tip near the skin. Remember that the needle does not need to touch the skin directly. You will see small dots appear on the skin with each application.
  • After the target area is covered in small dots, gently remove the numbing cream. At this point, you may feel a tingling or burning sensation, which is normal.

It is best to perform Plasma Pen treatments in front of a mirror and in good lighting. This way, you can clearly see where the applicator tip goes if you are working on your face. It may also be a good idea to have someone else apply the Plasma Pen treatment for you, especially when working on areas that you cannot easily reach or see.

A word of caution: when in doubt, consider going to a Plasma Pen treatment provider first. Getting your first session done by a professional can give you a good idea of what you need to do when you continue your Plasma Pen treatments at home. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Plasma Pen For Skin Tightening At Home?

If you’re new to this type of technology, you might be wondering - should I really invest in a Plasma Pen of my own? Once you know what’s possible with this one device, you’ll be left with no doubts. Allow us to explain the many benefits of using a Plasma Pen for skin tightening at home:

Wide Range of Uses

Plasma Pen technology is the most effective non-invasive treatment for loose, sagging skin. With just one session, you can see a difference in your skin elasticity almost immediately. However, skin tightening is not the only thing that a Plasma Pen can accomplish. This technology can also address other skin issues like acne scars, skin lesions, wrinkles, pigmentation, stretch marks, and even tattoos! Whether you want to tighten your skin or use the plasma pen for under eye bags, nothing is off limits.


Plasma Pen treatment, whether done at home or in a provider’s office, is far less expensive than other treatment procedures (i.e. cosmetic surgery). And if you have your own Plasma Pen device at home, you can perform as many sessions as you need to achieve your desired results–without dropping hundreds of dollars at a clinic or spending money on gas. 


Plasma Pen therapy can be mildly uncomfortable during and after the procedure. That said, being in the comfort of your own home gives you the luxury of resting immediately after the session is complete. No need to drive around with all those marks on your face (and possibly get dirt on your skin from the pollution outside)–you can simply sit back, turn on the TV, and let your skin begin its natural healing process. 

How Long Does Plasma Skin Tightening Last?

You may not look your best immediately after using a Plasma Pen. But as your skin heals naturally, you will begin to see noticeable results around 2 to 3 weeks in. Afterward, the results of Plasma Pen therapy last approximately 1 to 3 years. For some, it can last even longer.

It is also worth noting that you may need to perform multiple treatments to get the results that you want. It all boils down to your current age, your skin’s elasticity, and how you want to look in the end. If you do want to do another Plasma Pen session, you usually only need to wait 12 weeks before using your device again. 

Does Using A Plasma Pen For Skin Tightening Hurt?

Plasma Pen treatment is virtually pain-free because you will use a numbing cream. However, expect to feel some tingling and stinging as the effect of the numbing cream wears off. Usually, this only lasts for about 1 to 2 hours following the treatment. 

In the first week following the treatment, your skin will swell as the body heals itself naturally. Tiny scabs will also begin to form on the dots where the Plasma Pen was applied. Some mild pain may also be expected, but it is the type of pain that is easy to ignore.

By the second week, the swelling and pain should be gone completely. The scabs will also have fallen off. However, your skin may appear pink and feel tender to the touch. In weeks 3-4 and beyond, the tenderness and pinkness should also subside. Learn more about the plasma pen healing process in this complete guide.

Check Out These Plasma Pen Skin Tightening Before and After Results:

There is an abundance of testimonials online that showcase the effects of Plasma Pen for skin tightening, as well as many other treatments like skin tag removal, skin smoothening, and more. Let these Plasma Pen before and after pictures speak for themselves:

Try Out The Plasma Pen Skin Tightener From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

In this modern age, you never have to leave your home to get what you need–and that includes cosmetic procedures! 

With Dermavel’s top-of-the-line Plasma Pen device, you can revitalize your skin safely and efficiently right in the comfort of your own home. Give your skin the care that it needs and invest in your very own fibroblast Plasma Pen today! It’s time to achieve the tight, toned skin you’ve always dreamed of. If you’re ready to feel confident looking at yourself in the mirror, head over and grab yours today.

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