Using Plasma Pen on Jawline: What to Expect Before and After

Using Plasma Pen on Jawline: What to Expect Before and After
Plasma Pen on Jawline

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Are you struggling with the appearance of an undefined jawline? Saggy skin or double chins? Then, you want to take advantage of the impressive power of the plasma pen on jaw features!

A plasma pen is a skincare tool that should not be passed on. Its versatility and exceptional results make it an essential tool for empowering skin health and appearance. Commonly used to address aging signs like wrinkles, the plasma pen doesn’t stop there. The plasma pen jawline benefits are outstanding! The plasma pen can benefit you in the long run by tightening and refreshing the skin for a youthful glow while improving the overall appearance to establish a defined jawline.

And in this article, we discuss the benefits of using the plasma pen on jawline-targeted issues while examining how it can satisfy you with its exceptional results.

Quick Introduction to Fibroblast Technology

So, how does the plasma pen work to rejuvenate the skin for a more youthful, shining glow?

A plasma pen is a small handheld device that uses fibroblast technology to stimulate collagen and elastin production. These two proteins are responsible for firm, resilient skin. The plasma pen transforms electrical energy into nitrogen that then turns into plasma when released from the pen to come into contact with oxygen. When the plasma contacts the outer layer of the skin, or epidermis, it causes a thermal disruption resulting in controlled micro burns.

The plasma pen healing process day by day includes common side effects like swelling and scabbing. The scabbing is normal, caused by micro burns, and will naturally fall off during the healing process, resulting in refreshed and rejuvenated skin.

Why Use Plasma Pen on Jawline?

The plasma pen is a powerful fibroblast technology for various skin objectives. One of the most popular is the plasma pen skin tightening and the plasma pen for wrinkles. However, it’s not uncommon to see this exceptional tool used for other objectives like plasma pen neck lift, so why not use it to incorporate therapy for a defined plasma pen jawline?

Fibroblast plasma pen therapy on the jawline can establish a more defined and youthful appearance by tightening loose skin and rejuvenating the skin for a healthy glow. For those struggling with the appearance of double chins or sagging skin, the plasma pen can be beneficial in creating definition without having to go under the knife for costly surgery.

Is the Plasma Pen Safe for Jawline?

Are plasma pens safe on the jawline?

Yes, the plasma pen can be safely used on the jawline, but like any treatment, it can coincide with some risks if instructions and handling are not taken seriously. For example, using makeup after plasma pen treatment and washing face after plasma pen therapy are recommended once the skin has healed. This is because the skin is sensitive post-treatment and is at a higher risk of infection and other considerable skin damage probabilities.

For plasma pen jawline treatment, it is crucial to incorporate proper aftercare and follow directions for a safe and beneficial treatment.

What to Expect for Your Jawline From Plasma Pen Before and After

Before plasma pen jawline treatment, it’s essential to have all the right aftercare products for your skin. Unfortunately, not all topical products are safe for post-treatment skin, as products with harsh chemicals or agitating scent ingredients can hinder the healing process and raise the risk of damage to the skin.

During treatment, micro burns will be created along the skin. This can create some discomfort but should not be intolerable. Once the procedure is done, some swelling and redness occur, and scabs will form. This is normal. The swelling and redness will go down within 1-2 days, and the scabs will fall off within 7-14 days.

At this time, avoiding sun exposure, sweating, swimming, and showering with hot water are highly recommended. The same goes for avoiding topical products like face wash, moisturizers, sunscreen, and makeup, which can agitate and possibly damage the skin. These factors can hinder the healing process and raise the risk of potential skin damage like hyperpigmentation and scarring.

Noticeable results vary from person to person. Some state they can see progress within 1-2 weeks after treatment. After two months, when the skin is completely healed, the full range of progress can be seen.

How to Use Plasma Pen on Jaw From the Comfort of Your Own Home

If you desire to learn how to use the plasma pen on jaw in the comfort of your home, there are some crucial factors you shouldn’t miss out on that can impact the quality of your treatment results. To find out what they are, continue reading!

Step 1) Get Your Fibroblast Plasma Pen & Aftercare Essentials

To get a taste of the benefits of fibroblast plasma pen technology without breaking the bank, you should consider an at-home plasma pen for sale. Dermavel’s fibroblast plasma pen hones a reputable position as the #1 choice for at-home plasma pen technology. This exceptional tool, combined with our plasma pen accessories packed with step-by-step instructional patterns for effective fibroblast therapy, has done wonders in establishing desired progress for our happy customers.

Our customer’s plasma pen before and after photos show how startlingly exceptional the results are from using our fibroblast plasma pen. And if that doesn’t prove to you how happy our customers are with this high-quality, easy-to-use plasma pen, then read these plasma pen reviews to diminish your doubts so you can get started reaping the benefits of plasma pen therapy without leaving the house!

Step 2) Learn How to Use the Pen Safely

There are plasma pen mistakes to avoid during treatment. Knowing these mistakes can drastically reduce the risk of skin damage concerns like hyperpigmentation and scarring. Using a low-quality plasma pen and neglecting aftercare are two mistakes to avoid, which is why buying the best plasma pen for at home use is essential. They are easily preventable if you take the time to read up on proper plasma pen aftercare and buy a high-quality plasma pen. So, you can enjoy the benefits of plasma pen therapy!

Step 3) Perform the Procedure on Your Jawline Carefully

Proceeding with caution and incorporating proper plasma pen application is important. By doing so, you are reducing the risk of skin damage and boosting the potential of your plasma pen post-treatment results.

Consider outlining the area you wish to treat to ensure you are not missing any spots or going past the desired target area.

Step 4) Follow the Proper Aftercare Protocol

One of the most effective methods to reduce skin damage risk and improve post-treatment result quality is incorporating top-quality plasma pen aftercare.

As the skin is hyper-sensitive post-treatment, the skin needs to be treated with utmost care. Day-to-day products like face wash, moisturizer, and sunscreen can cause irritation and inflammation in the skin. Bigger concerns resulting from using these products on post-treatment healing skin can include potential infection and scarring.

With proper aftercare, these risks are preventable, plus the healing process can be sped up thanks to eliminating hindering factors that can otherwise slow down the skin’s efforts to heal.

Step 5) Follow Up With Additional Treatments as Needed

So, how long do plasma pen results last, and how many plasma pen treatments you need?

These both depend on the targeted concern and the quality of aftercare. Plasma pen results can last anywhere from 1-3 years, but if further skin damage is not prevented, this time may be reduced, and more sessions will be needed. Some areas of treatment, like light wrinkles, may only require 1-2 sessions, while deep wrinkles may require 3-4. The skin imperfection in question determines the number of sessions needed.

Ready to Transform Your Jawline Through Plasma Pen Therapy?

Are you ready to transform your jawline? With Dermavel’s fibroblast plasma pen, you can grasp the benefits of fibroblast technology while saving money and without leaving your home!

With our fibroblast plasma pen, the skin of the jawline is tightened and rejuvenated, enhancing the overall appearance of the jawline by improving its definition. Say no more to saggy skin and double chins with this exceptional skin care tool.

Transform your jawline today with Dermavel’s at-home plasma pen technology!

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