Does the Plasma Pen Really Work? The Truth About Fibroblast Technology Revealed…

Does the Plasma Pen Really Work? The Truth About Fibroblast Technology Revealed…

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The benefits of plasma pen treatment have been going viral, from celebrities to influencers, but does the plasma pen really work? Or is it another marketing scheme?

We can guarantee you that the plasma pen does, in fact, work, and the results achieved through using it are outstanding!

And throughout this article, we’ll detail how the plasma pen works, some of the different skin objectives it can address, and how effective treatment is. So get ready to explore the benefits this one-of-a-kind tool can do for you!

What Does the Plasma Pen Claim to Do?

Regarding the versatility and outstanding results achieved through its use, the plasma pen is every skincare guru or beginner’s best friend!

Most first-time users will initially pursue plasma pen skin tightening as an anti-aging tool to combat the formation of wrinkles and fine lines that appear with age or exposure to the sun. But as plasma pen for wrinkles treatment occurs, and the progress has them leaping for joy, they may wonder if a fibroblast plasma pen can be used for other skincare objectives. And it can!

For example, plasma pen eye treatment is a popular use of this established tool. If you struggle with crow's feet, wrinkles around the eyes, or eye bags, the plasma pen treatment can target this sensitive area safely so that you don’t have to break the bank going to a professional when you can do it at home and boast the same results.

Another great use of this small hand-held tool is the plasma pen for stretch marks. The fibroblast plasma pen can address these marks' nagging appearance, whether around the bikini, stomach, or arms. And the plasma pen’s tool belt holds many more beneficial usages that can be taken up and addressed to keep your options open for the future!

Does the Plasma Pen Really Work?

To know if the plasma pen works, first, you need to understand how the plasma pen works.

The fibroblast plasma pen treatment results are achieved thanks to the hand-held tool’s non-invasive method. It utilizes electrical energy and transforms it into gaseous diatomic molecular nitrogen. When the nitrogen exits the pen’s probe to be applied to the skin, it creates a thermal disruption to the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin. As a result, micro superficial burns are inflicted upon the skin, encouraging the production of elastin and collagen. These proteins are required to rejuvenate and repair the skin providing structure, support, and strength for the optimal resilience of the skin.

Knowing how the plasma pen works, consider reviewing our plasma pen before and after photos to get an idea of how effective treatment is. And what investing in a DIY plasma pen can do for you as an affordable alternative as plasma pen treatment cost with professional treatments can be through the roof!

But before you go shopping for an FDA-approved plasma pen, it’s essential to know the plasma pen risks and the factors that may affect how well the treatment works for you.

Factors Affecting How Well Your Plasma Pen Treatment Works

Before beginning treatment, it’s important to be aware of plasma pen safety and other factors affecting how well plasma pen treatment works. Follow below to find out how to encourage the best results from this powerful skincare tool!

Your Skin Type

Your skin type can be the red or green light on whether you can begin plasma pen treatment. Why is that?

Well, not all skin types are ideal for treatment. Some are more susceptible to hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation, and scarring, while others are more inclined not to withstand these serious risks.

We recommend following the Fitzpatrick prototyping scale to analyze whether you are an ideal candidate for plasma pen treatment. The scale determines which phototypes, or skin types, are more likely to burn or tan when exposed to UV light. Medical professionals have used it to determine which skin types are more at risk of sunburn and skin cancer. In addition, the scale is frequently used to assess the dosage of laser, UV, or photo-therapy a person can safely withstand and treat specified skin disorders.

The Ailment in Question

Though fibroblast plasma pen treatment can treat a wide range of skin disorders, there are limitations to even this tool.

One of the limitations of the plasma pen is for people with moderate to severe skin laxity. Though the plasma pen can improve mildly sagging skin and elasticity, invasive procedures like a surgical facelift may be required with more severe skin laxity issues.

The Specific Plasma Pen Being Used

The quality of the plasma pen can contribute to the effectiveness of treatment. Investing in the best fibroblast plasma pen made with high-quality materials that promote more significant results will be worth every penny. Our plasma pen for sale is not only an affordable option. It’s safe to use at home, boasts pain-free treatment, and is guaranteed to reap the benefits you desire from treatment.

Dermavel’s plasma pen reviews can do the talking for us. Our customers are elated with their results, boasting glowing skin free of wrinkles, skin tags, crow’s feet, and acne scars!

How Seriously You Take Aftercare

Post-treatment plasma pen aftercare should be taken seriously as it can drastically affect the depth and quality of your skin’s healing progress. So, how long to heal from plasma pen, then?

We highly recommend reading about the plasma pen healing process so you know what to expect after treatment. Then, plan for success with a proper aftercare routine, as the skin is extremely sensitive after treatment and requires quality care and handling to prevent damage or risk of infection. Top-notch aftercare can dissuade these preventable risks and speed up the healing process to promote more promising results from treatment.

Whether or Not You Perform Follow up Treatments

Some common questions first-time plasma pen users ask are, how long do plasma pen results last, and how many plasma pen treatments do I need?

The quantity of treatments needed depends on the skin ailment addressed, as some, like tattoos, may require a larger dosage of treatments than others. In addition, although the treatment can last years, some conditions may not require touch-ups, while others may. Finally, it can also depend on how your skin takes to therapy and how you care for it to prevent further risks of damage from, say, sun exposure.

How Well Does the Plasma Pen Work Compared to Other Treatments?

When comparing plasma pen vs microneedling treatments, there are some differences and successes to note.

Microneedling requires the usage of a numbing cream as the procedure is incredibly painful, compared to plasma pen treatment that runs anywhere from pain-free to mildly uncomfortable for those more sensitive to pain. Another considerable difference is that microneedling addresses shallow issues, like fine lines or acne. At the same time, the plasma pen hits superficial and deeper issues for an overall more effective treatment.

So - Does the Plasma Pen Really Work as Well as Users Claim? Wrapping Things Up

So, does the plasma pen really work? Yes, it does!

Plasma pen treatment can boast superior results for overall better skincare. However, treatment must be taken seriously. Investing in a high-quality plasma pen from Dermavel, practicing aftercare, and following plasma pen safety precautions will reap outstanding benefits.

See the results for yourself if you’re not sold!

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