Who Created the Plasma Pen? A History Lesson on Fibroblast Technology

Who Created the Plasma Pen? A History Lesson on Fibroblast Technology

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Plasma pen therapy has become a recognized non-invasive skincare procedure for its magnificent and versatile ability to address numerous skin blemish concerns. But who created plasma pen technology?

Designed by an undeniable force in the cosmetics industry, plasma pen technology was established by Louise Walsh of the UK. Walsh is an expert in the cosmetics field, with over 30 years of experience, which extended to creating one of the world's most redefining and advanced skincare tools. Thanks to Walsh, we can access the world-changing benefits of plasma pen technology to address many skin blemishes concerns like wrinkles, age spots, and acne scars.

This article will dive further into plasma pen technology's history and what provoked Louise Walsh to create this life-changing skincare tool.

First, the History of Fibroblast Plasma Technology in General

To begin, what is a plasma pen?

A plasma pen is a small hand-held device that performs a non-surgical skin procedure. It uses electrical energy to transform nitrogen and oxygen into a plasma arc that contacts the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin.

This causes micro burns to the skin and stimulates the production of two essential proteins, elastin, and collagen. These proteins provide structure and support to the skin and body. When these proteins are encouraged to produce more, it revitalizes the skin to even out skin tone and addresses any damage to the skin.

You'll be quite surprised when comparing this powerful tool with other skin care procedures. For example, when analyzing plasma pen vs microneedling, the difference between the two and how long plasma pen results last is a game changer. While microneedling requires touch-ups every few months, plasma pen treatment boasts results that last for 1-3 years!

Who Created Plasma Pen?

So, who created plasma pen technology?

Plasma pen technology was developed by Louise Walsh International, a company headquartered in the UK that manufactures the technology in Germany to perform non-invasive surgery with long-lasting results. The company's founder, Louise Walsh, exudes over 30 years of experience in the skincare world, having introduced semi-permanent makeup to the UK. Walsh started as a beauty entrepreneur and celebrity esthetician, continuing to stretch her reach into the medical field to better address and slow down the aging process.

The plasma pen, manufactured by German engineers, has solidified Walsh’s and the plasma pen’s place as worldwide forces in the cosmetics industry.

When Was the Plasma Pen Created?

In 2017, Louise Walsh launched the very first plasma pen, which has since become the leading plasma fibroblasting device in the world. The plasma pen benefits are miraculous and seemingly unending.

You can receive the procedure's benefits and target all skin blemish concerns. Here’s a list of some of the miraculous works this powerful technology can put to task: fibroblast plasma pen skin tag removal, plasma pen skin tightening, plasma pen under eyes, plasma pen on stomach, and plasma fibroblast breast lift.

Who Perfected the Plasma Pen For At-Home Use?

Honestly, we’re not sure who created the first at-home plasma pen, but we can confidently say that Dermavel has perfected at-home plasma pen treatment with our top-notch fibroblast plasma pen!

Our plasma pen for sale is the #1 choice for at-home plasma pen treatment. Avoid the hefty price for plasma pen treatment at a cosmetologist’s office with our low-cost, versatile tool that can target ongoing skin blemish concerns--all while still promoting the best results you’d find going to a professional! We guarantee you’ll love the results from using our fibroblast plasma pen, but if you’re still hanging over the edge, check out our plasma pen reviews and real-time plasma pen pictures from our delighted customers who are ecstatic over their progress.

If you want to learn how to use plasma pen, our blog offers up plenty of helpful tips and step-by-step instructions to follow along with. In addition, we discuss plasma pen risks that should be acknowledged before beginning treatment.

Potential risks from plasma pen treatment are readily avoidable if there is awareness before the procedure. For example, only some are ideal candidates for plasma pen therapy. Following the Fitzpatrick scale, you must be Type I, Type II, or Type III to be considered an ideal safe candidate to proceed with plasma pen treatment. If you are a Type IV, Type V, or Type VI, it is unsafe to receive plasma pen treatment as you are at high risk of hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, and scarring.

On our informative blog, we also discuss the plasma pen healing process day by day so you can obtain the best quality results post-treatment. First, we answer, what do you put on the skin after plasma pen treatment? Many products are not safe to place on the skin post-treatment. Products containing harsh chemicals or fragrances can irritate sensitive skin after treatment, drastically increasing the risk of inflammation, infection, and possible scarring. On the other hand, some products, such as Aquaphor and Vaseline, can be used on sensitive post-treatment skin to help speed up the healing process and promote better results.

Final Thoughts on Who Created the Plasma Pen

Throughout this article, we revealed who created plasma pen technology. Lousie Walsh, the founder of the plasma pen, is a force to be reckoned with in the cosmetics world. Since she created the plasma pen, this innovative tool has gone on to be used by medical practitioners in more than 40 countries, spreading access to redefining the aging process for individuals seeking a non-surgical method.

Boasting the best plasma pen on the market for at-home use, Dermavel’s fibroblast plasma pen gives you access to the miraculous benefits of fibroblast therapy in the comfort of your home. You don’t have to break the bank or travel to a cosmetologist to receive plasma pen treatment.

Our high-quality, low-cost, at-home fibroblast plasma pen guarantees the same, if not better, results you’d receive from being treated at a professional's office. Plus, you can target a range of skin blemish concerns, like removing skin tags, replenishing the skin, and reducing signs of aging, whenever you want!

Receive the rewarding benefits of plasma pen therapy with Dermavel’s at-home plasma pen today!

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