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Plasma pen therapy has continued to impress the skincare world with its broad scope of outstanding benefits. But what are these plasma pen benefits?

The benefits of plasma pen treatment are vast. Whether targeting wrinkles and crow’s feet or tightening saggy skin, this is an optimal skincare tool you don’t want to skip using. This revolutionary skin treatment is impactful, upgrading your skin health to achieve your skincare goals. You should review the top plasma pen benefits to use your brand-new skincare tool well!

A Brief Overview of Fibroblast Plasma Pen Technology

The benefits of plasma pen treatment are praised for its miraculous skincare achievements. But to truly understand this top-notch tool, you must first learn how it functions to understand the bigger picture of the depth of this technology. So how does the plasma pen work?

Fibroblast plasma pen technology uses electrical energy and converts it into nitrogen, which, when it comes into contact with oxygen, produces plasma. When the plasma makes contact with the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin, micro burns are induced to stimulate collagen and elastin production. These two proteins are necessary for the resilience and elasticity of the skin, promoting healthy, youthful skin.

What are the Plasma Pen Benefits That Makes This Such an Exciting Treatment?

So, what are the plasma pen benefits? Plasma pen treatment boasts a wide range of exciting benefits, like removing skin tags or tightening saggy skin, all with this one piece of technology. Keep reading to learn more about what the plasma pen can do to benefit you!

It Tightens Your Skin for a Radiant, Youthful Look

Plasma pen skin tightening is a big step into upgrading your skincare for anti-aging and targeting sagging skin to promote a radiant, youthful appearance. The benefits of this skincare technology extend to a range of targeted areas. For those struggling with crow’s feet, wrinkles, and eye bags, plasma pen under eye treatments can do wonders!

Anyone finding the skin around their neck progressively becoming more saggy and loose, plasma pen neck lift treatment can zone in on this issue to tighten the skin. In addition, the stimulation of elastin and collagen production encouraged by fibroblast plasma pen therapy promotes supple skin that will snap back into place.

Fibroblast breast lift therapy can be fruitful in tightening and improving the shape of sagging breasts, helping to even breast asymmetry and overall appearance by enhancing the skin's elasticity through plasma pen treatment.

And the list of benefits of plasma pen treatment keeps going! For example, plasma pen therapy can tighten many sagging skin problem areas to boost elastin and collagen production for tight, youthful skin.

Eliminate Blemishes, Skin Tags, Wrinkles & Other Unsightly Elements of Your Skin With Ease

The usages of plasma pen therapy go beyond tightening the skin. It can also eliminate blemishes, skin tags, wrinkles, and much more!

Plasma pen mole removal is a safe method of removing moles without going to the dermatologist for them to be removed surgically or frozen. The plasma pen treatment will result in the moles falling off without any hassle or having to attempt to use store-bought topical ointments to do the job.

Save time and money buying lip injections and use plasma pen lip flip treatments for a fuller appearance. With this treatment alternative, there is no risk of implant rejection and scarring, as fibroblast plasma pen therapy is non-invasive. There’s also plasma pen for stretch marks and plasma pen scar removal that can address other skin blemishes that would otherwise require costly treatments.

Enjoy Long Lasting Results

The results are outstanding, but how long do plasma pen results last?

Plasma pen therapy results usually last anywhere from 2-3 years, depending on the area and concern being treated. Of course, other factors can determine the timeline of your results, like the quality of your healing process and skin type.

Incorporating proper aftercare during the plasma pen healing process is crucial for promoting higher-quality, long-lasting results. Conversely, poor aftercare can hinder the healing process and inhibit the quality of plasma pen therapy progress.

It’s More Affordable Than Other Similar Procedures

What is the plasma pen price for treatment?

Professional plasma pen treatments range anywhere from $200-$1000, though this can change depending on the area being treated and how many sessions will be required. On average, microneedling sessions cost anywhere from $180-$650. The difference between the two treatments is that plasma pen results last years while microneedling results only last 3-5 months. Therefore, plasma pen treatment will offer better results with extended periods between sessions.

It’s Safer & Less Painful Compared to Microneedling or Laser Treatment

What are the plasma pen dangers?

Some of the risks associated with plasma pen treatment are readily avoidable. For example, hyperpigmentation is a risk associated with plasma pen treatment. You can avoid this hazard by examining your skin type using the Fitzpatrick scale.

Does the plasma pen hurt?

When comparing the plasma pen vs microneedling and the plasma pen vs fraxel laser, plasma pen therapy is less painful. However, Microneedling and fraxel laser treatment both require the usage of topical numbing, as, without it, the treatment would be too painful to continue. Plasma pen therapy permits numbing creams, but it is not usually necessary. This can change depending on the person’s pain tolerance and the area being treated, as some body parts are more sensitive to treatment than others.

You Can Reap the Benefits of Plasma Pen Treatment From Home!

Buying the best plasma pen for at home treatments can be the perfect tool for addressing various skincare issues like wrinkles, skin tags, and sagging skin.

The best plasma pen will be safe at home, save you money without costly doctor appointments, be easy to use, boast high-quality results, and have a money-back guarantee. Dermavel’s fibroblast plasma pen is the #1 choice for at-home treatments, saving you money and guaranteeing results for your skincare goals. All in the comfort of your home!

Ready to Experience the Plasma Pen Benefits Firsthand?

Are you ready to save money and achieve your skincare goals? Then, Dermavel’s plasma pen technology is the solution you’ve been searching for!

The treatment process is pain-free, so you don’t have to worry about overpowering discomfort or pain. The first week after treatment is usually the roughest as the skin is most sensitive post-treatment and will require proper aftercare to encourage a speedy, high-quality recovery. Within weeks 3-5, after the skin has fully healed, you will begin to detect achievements post-treatment, and they will only continue to become more noticeable

Get Your Fibroblast Pen & Aftercare Essentials

To begin experiencing outstanding plasma pen benefits, you must buy a high-quality one. Dermavel’s fibroblast plasma pen for sale is the perfect tool for the job! Offering a 90-day money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with your results, affordable pricing, and an easy-to-use design, our plasma pen is guaranteed to promote the skincare results you’ve been dreaming of. Also, check out our plasma pen accessories for fibroblast pattern guidebooks, which offer step-by-step instructions, techniques, and patterns for treatment and repair refill kits to restock.

If you’re still unsure, give our plasma pen reviews and plasma pen before and after photos a look. Our satisfied customers will reveal how proficient Dermavel’s fibroblast plasma pen technology is in establishing fine-tuned, high-quality results so that you can be reassured that your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Use the Pen Safely as Directed

Before beginning treatment, it’s crucial to be aware of the plasma pen mistakes to avoid. Reading these avoidable mistakes can deter any possible risks like hyperpigmentation and scarring. For example, determining whether your skin type can be safely treated with plasma pen technology is vital in preventing any damage to the skin.

Follow Proper Healing Procedures

Knowing the plasma pen healing process day by day is the first step to understanding what to expect post-treatment. Then, you must learn proper plasma pen aftercare to deter exposing sensitive skin to the risk of inflammation, infection, and damage that could hinder the healing process. With guided aftercare, the healing process can be sped up, and results can be drastically improved.

Wrapping Up Our Breakdown on the Benefits of Plasma Pen Treatment

The benefits of plasma pen therapy are vast. From addressing wrinkles and fine lines to removing skin tags and moles, this skincare tool is a must-have for improving one’s overall skincare quality.

And with Dermavel’s fibroblast plasma pen, healthy, youthful skin is attainable in the comfort of your home without breaking the bank. Our customers are overjoyed with the results they’ve achieved using our easy-to-use fibroblast plasma pen, and you can be too. So upgrade your skincare routine today with Dermavel’s at-home fibroblast plasma pen!

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