Who Does Plasma Pen Near Me?

Who Does Plasma Pen Near Me?
who does plasma pen near me

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Who does plasma pen near me? Two primary providers that consistently offer fibroblast plasma pen therapy include medical spas and skin care clinics.

Plasma pen therapy is a rejuvenating skincare treatment you do not want to miss out on! The benefits are outstanding, ridding the skin of unwanted blemishes like wrinkles, age spots, and skin tags. The results last for years - much longer compared to other skincare treatments like microneedling.

And with a visit to a nearby plasma pen provider, you can reap the benefits of fibroblast plasma pen therapy. But first, let’s see how you can find a local provider and why you should consider an at-home plasma pen alternative rather than professional treatment.

An Introduction To Plasma Pen Therapy

Let’s first recap how does the plasma pen work, how long do plasma pen results last, and how long to heal from plasma pen treatment.

Fibroblast plasma pen therapy combines nitrogen and oxygen to create an arc of plasma. When this plasma comes in contact with the outer layer of the skin, the epidermis, it produces micro burns. This stimulates collagen and elastin production, proteins responsible for supporting, protecting, and replenishing the skin.

Results from treatment can last anywhere from 1-3 years! It takes time to heal after treatment. During the plasma pen healing process, the scabs from micro burns will fall off within a week or so, and after 12 weeks, results will be glowing.

Who Does Plasma Pen Near Me? Tips for Finding a Local Provider

A quick search on Google or Yelp can help you find a local provider for plasma pen treatment near you! Or, if you have a friend who has gotten this treatment - it could be worth asking them for a recommendation.

Medical spas and skin care clinics are the most common places to find and schedule a plasma pen therapy session. A trained esthetician will perform treatment using an FDA-approved plasma pen technology to target any skincare blemishes or concerns you may have.

The Problems With Professional Plasma Pen Treatment

Two big problems coincide with scheduling plasma pen treatment with a professional provider. Below we’ll discuss further why booking treatment with a local provider might not be the best for you.


You may be put off by the hefty number when looking at plasma pen treatment cost. Unfortunately, plasma pen treatment can be expensive, ranging from $150 to $2,000, depending on the skin blemish concern and severity. For some providers, the base price for treating areas can start at $400 and move up from there!


With how many plasma pen treatments it may take, ranging anywhere from 1-9 depending on the targeted area, you will have to drive to get treatment every few months. This can be incredibly inconvenient for many individuals with a busy schedule or those who have to drive a long distance to get to their local provider.

Rather Than Finding Someone Who Does Plasma Pen Near You, Why Not Enjoy the Benefits of At Home Treatment?

Rather than deal with the high costs and inconvenience of traveling to professional plasma pen providers, why not find a more convenient and affordable option, like at-home treatment? If you didn’t know there was such an option, we’ve got the details below on how you can get started and how at-home treatments can benefit you and your skin!

Can You Really Get Plasma Pen Treatment From the Comfort of Your Own Home?

Of course! Saving you money and unnecessary trips to your provider, an at-home alternative can be the perfect way to achieve your skincare goals. But before that, it’s crucial to understand plasma pen safety and plasma pen aftercare to achieve the best results from your treatment. Aftercare is vital, whether deciding on in-person or at-home plasma pen treatments, as it can boost the quality of your skin’s results and speed up the healing process.

Benefits of At-Home Treatment

The plasma pen benefits are out of this world! And with an at-home plasma pen alternative, you can achieve all of them without breaking the bank or waiting for the next appointment.

Whether it be plasma pen neck lift, plasma pen breast lift, plasma pen lip flip, removing skin tags, or getting rid of nagging wrinkles, you can do it all with this versatile skincare tool---all in the comfort of your home! You won’t have to pay a minimum base amount for each area or skin blemish concern or have to worry about coming up with the expenses. Whenever you want to begin treatment or wherever you need to use it, you’ve got the versatility and convenience of an at-home plasma pen at your fingertips!

How to Get Started Today to Make Your Dream Skin a Reality

Rather than buy plasma pen treatments, consider Dermavel’s at-home plasma pen teeming with joyous customers and highly rated plasma pen reviews. Then, look at our customer’s Dermavel plasma pen before and after photos to witness the top-quality our at-home plasma pen treatment can provide you!

If you want to achieve the youthful, glowing skin you’ve always dreamed of, Dermavel’s at-home plasma pen is the way to do it! It can be used to remove skin tags, target crow’s feet--you name it, our fibroblast plasma pen can do it without you having to travel to a local provider and spend large sums of money.

Closing Thoughts on Who Does Plasma Pen Near You

So, who does plasma pen near me?

You can usually find plasma pen treatment options at medical spas and skin care clinics near you. However, what might not be the best discovery is how costly plasma pen treatment can be and how inconvenient it can be to schedule appointments and drive to your nearest plasma pen treatment provider.

With Dermavel’s best at home plasma pen, you can avoid all these inconveniences! No high costs or payment plans. No hassle trying to fit into a local provider’s schedule. No wasting gas driving to appointments. Our fibroblast plasma pen is made with a high-quality design that guarantees the results you’d achieve from going to a local provider---all in the convenience of your home!

Get the youthful, glowing skin you’ve always dreamed of without leaving your home with Dermavel’s at-home plasma pen today!

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