Plasma Pen Wart Removal: Use Dermavel to Eradicate the Unsightly Blemish for Good!

Plasma Pen Wart Removal

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Is wart removal with plasma pen technology possible? It is!

Plasma pen technology is truly a miraculous skincare tool that continues to impress with its desirable versatility and exceptional results for addressing skin blemishes. From wrinkles to wart removal, the plasma pen can do wonders in helping you achieve your skincare goals.

In this article, we’ll discuss how the plasma pen removes warts and how to use the tool to get started!

A Brief Overview of Warts

Before we get into wart removal with plasma pen treatment, let's discuss what warts are and what causes them!

There are different types of warts, more than 100! These benign skin growths are a symptom of the human papillomavirus (HPV). Warts are contagious and can be spread through direct or indirect contact.

The classification of a wart depends on its appearance and where it grows. For example, Common warts usually appear on the face, elbows, fingers, or knees. These bumps have a rounded top, grayish color, and rough appearance, though they can show as flesh-colored with black dots of clotted blood vessels. They are not painful or serious health concerns.

Is Wart Removal With Plasma Pen Possible?

You’ll be pleased to discover that using plasma pen technology for wart removal is entirely possible. The benefits of this tool are outstanding, but before we get into that, continue reading to discover how the plasma pen technology can outperform other treatment methods for wart removal!

How Plasma Pen Technology Works for Wart Removal

Does plasma pen really work in the removal of warts? Yes!

Plasma pen technology goes above and beyond in its ability to remove and address numerous skin blemish concerns and produce plasma pen benefits, such as a glowing, youthful complexion. The same goes for wart removal with plasma pen technology! During the procedure, the plasma pen produces plasma, using electrical energy to combine nitrogen and oxygen to create the plasma. The plasma burns the wart, which will, in turn, result in the wart falling off naturally.

Advantages Over Traditional Methods

Compared to traditional methods like freezing treatments, patches, or surgery, the plasma pen is a much more advantageous option for removing warts. The results achieved using plasma pen technology are spectacular, enhancing overall complexion by stimulating elastin and collagen production in the skin. This makes for a healthy boost for the skin as the proteins, collagen and elastin, are responsible for keeping the skin healthy and resilient against damage.

Compared to other treatment methods, how long does plasma pen last? The results achieved through plasma pen treatment can last 1-3 years! Plasma pen treatment for wart removal takes only a zap of plasma to get the job done without invasive procedures or going to a dermatologist's office.

Some dermatologists will use cantharidin on the wart to form a blister underneath the wart. After about a week, you will have to return to the dermatologist’s office for them to remove the wart. Of course, with plasma pen technology, removing the wart almost instantaneously after zapping the wart with the plasma would be much more efficient.

Getting Started With Plasma Pen Wart Removal: Step-By-Step Guide

It may initially seem overwhelming when getting started with plasma pen wart removal. That’s why we’ve created this step-by-step guide so you can get started using your plasma pen for wart removal!

First, Get the Dermavel Fibroblast Plasma Pen for At Home Use

If you’re looking to avoid the expensive plasma pen cost of receiving treatment at a professional office, but don’t know where to buy a plasma pen, then Dermavel’s plasma pen for sale is what you need!

The best fibroblast plasma pen for at-home treatment, Dermavel’s plasma pen sets you up for success with affordable pricing and convenient access to treating numerous skin blemish concerns, including wart removal. It is user-friendly, with in-depth instructions on how to get the most out of this powerful tool.

Dermavel plasma pen wart removal takes only a matter of seconds without you having to leave the house or spend large sums of money at a professional office while achieving the same results! Our plasma pen before and after photos and plasma pen reviews from our customers are overflowing with pleased praises and outstanding results achieved using our at-home plasma pen.

Preparing for the Plasma Pen Wart Removal Process

To prepare for the plasma pen wart removal process, ensure the targeted area is clean of makeup, dirt, or skincare products, such as sunscreen or moisturizer. We recommend using a non-alcohol cleanser to clean the skin before beginning treatment. Then, pat the skin dry with a clean washcloth.

Assemble your Dermavel plasma pen, then turn it on. Choose your settings for treatment. We recommend beginning with a lower setting to assess your skin’s tolerance to the plasma. Occasionally, a higher setting is required to address the skin blemish concern, but starting off with a lighter setting is necessary as the lower setting can most often get the job done.

Begin Treating the Wart With Your Plasma Pen

Before beginning treatment, it’s crucial to understand how to use plasma pen technology correctly to avoid potential risks associated with improper usage. Our step-by-step guide goes into deep detail on how to perform plasma pen therapy to deter potential risks and enhance results achieved through treatment.

Once you’ve read through the instructions, you can begin Dermavel plasma pen wart removal!

Make Multiple Passes if Necessary

Sometimes multiple passes are necessary for wart removal. This can depend on the size and depth of the wart, as the plasma needs to dive down far enough to burn the whole of the wart, not just a small or partial section of it for its removal.

On our blog, we answer how often can you do plasma pen, as sometimes multiple treatments are necessary. The size, depth, and severity of the skin blemish concern are discerning factors contributing to whether multiple passes or treatments are required for desired results.

Focus on Aftercare

So, what do you put on skin after plasma pen? We detail the importance of aftercare on our blog, as it plays a significant role in the post-treatment process.

After plasma pen therapy, the skin is extremely sensitive and susceptible to damage if not handled appropriately. Not all products are safe to use on the skin. Products with fragrances and products that contain chemicals can irritate the skin and raise the risk of infection or skin damage.

On the other hand, using recommended products, like Vaseline and Aquaphor, on the skin post-treatment can speed up the healing process and improve the quality of results from treatment.

Monitor the Healing Process

During the plasma pen day by day healing process, it’s important to monitor the treated area to stay on track of concerns such as plasma pen scabs not falling off. Prioritizing high-quality aftercare is vital for avoiding these issues. Protecting the skin is crucial while it is healing, as damage from the sun or intense skincare products is a potential risk that is recommended to keep track of.

Common Questions About Using the Plasma Pen for Wart Removal

Have questions concerning using the plasma pen for wart removal? Not a problem. We answer any possible questions below with informational steps and tips to consider for the best results!

Is it Painful?

Does plasma pen hurt? The answer depends on the person and the area being treated.

Some people are more adept at handling pain, while others are not. Plus, some areas of the body may be more sensitive than others when receiving plasma pen treatment. As a result, many may find there is slight discomfort when receiving plasma pen treatment. For individuals who find the pain intolerable, numbing cream is recommended to reduce discomfort.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

You may find within a few weeks post-treatment that there is noticeable progress. However, it’s not until 8-12 weeks after treatment that you will find the full progress achieved through plasma pen treatment when the healed skin presents the rejuvenation and improvements stimulated by this outstanding technology.

Can You Use the Device for Other Skin Conditions, Too?

Plasma pen technology is used on many skin conditions thanks to its exceptional treatment results, like plasma pen for nasolabial folds, plasma pen for hyperpigmentation, and plasma pen under eye treatment. Like wart removal, plasma pen skin tag removal can be gratifying in its easy and quick treatment.

Get Started Today With Dermavel Plasma Pen Wart Removal!

Plasma pen technology continues to outperform in its versatility and quality of results. Using our plasma pen, you can perform Dermavel plasma pen wart removal in a matter of seconds without having to leave the house or spend ridiculous amounts of money to remove one small skin blemish.

After removing warts, you can start addressing any other skin blemish concerns, like skin tags, wrinkles, or saggy skin, with Dermavel’s plasma pen to promote a youthful and clear complexion.

Achieve your dream skincare goals today with Dermavel’s at-home plasma pen!

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