Fibroblast Plasma Pen Skin Tag Removal: Does it Work?

Fibroblast Plasma Pen Skin Tag Removal: Does it Work?

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Everyone suffers from skin ailments and imperfections–but the good news is that you don’t have to live with them forever. There are plenty of cosmetic procedures out there that promise to give you perfect skin at a low cost and with no pain, but they rarely ever make good on these promises. However, there is one technological breakthrough that’s changing the industry: the fibroblast plasma pen.

This non-invasive, painless procedure can treat a number of skin issues - from wrinkles to scars. And it works. There’s a reason why so many people are turning towards the plasma pen and skipping the expensive dermatology visits.

Among the many skin ailments people suffer from, skin tags is one of the most unsightly and frustrating. So how does fibroblast plasma pen skin tag removal work, and how can you do it yourself at home? Continue reading through this guide as we dive deeper into plasma pen skin tag removal. Soon, you’ll see firsthand how easy it is to do from the comfort of your own home.

What Exactly are Skin Tags?

Before we can talk more about plasma pen skin tag removal, let’s first discuss what skin tags are. These are the hanging skin growths that form on the surface of the skin. They can occur anywhere on the body but are particularly common in the face and neck regions–which are highly visible.

The truth is, skin tags are benign tumors. They are harmless and non-cancerous, though many people don’t like their appearance and want to get rid of them.

Since they pose no real medical threat, they can easily be removed through cosmetic procedures, especially when using a fibroblast plasma pen at home. So what is a plasma pen and how does it work? Let’s dive deeper into the science behind plasma pens below.

What is a Plasma Pen?

Now that you have a good idea of what skin tags are and why people would want to remove them, let’s discuss how a plasma pen works so you can see how effective they can be for skin tag removal.

The best plasma pens boost your skin’s health from the inside. They exfoliate the skin with electrostatic energy, stimulating collagen and protein production in the fibroblast cells of the skin.

Plasma pens can treat a variety of skin ailments, from freckles and moles to discoloration and fine lines. Plus, as we mentioned, they are pain-free and noninvasive so they can be done right at home!

With this information in mind, let’s discuss how to use a plasma pen for skin tag removal.

Can You Use an At-Home Plasma Pen for Skin Tag Removal?

So can you use a plasma pen from the comfort of your own home to remove skin tags? You’ll be happy to learn that yes–you can!

It’s a very simple and straightforward treatment that you can administer yourself. You just need to know the proper steps and aftercare in order to get the results you’re after. Of course, just as with any other cosmetic procedure there are some potential risks and side effects from using a plasma pen. Though with the help of our complete guide today, you’ll be well on your way to pain-free skin perfection.

Continue reading below as we walk through the step-by-step process you can take to achieve radiant, smooth skin by removing your skin tags with a plasma pen.

At-Home Fibroblast Plasma Pen Skin Tag Removal: How it Works

Let’s dive right into how you can remove skin tags at home using the fibroblast plasma pen. Plasma pens are safe, painless, and effective when it comes to treating a wide range of skin ailments, including removing moles with a plasma pen and skin tags!

So let’s walk through the steps you can take to remove your skin tags with ease. First things first - you need the right tools for the job.

Start By Finding the Right Pen

Not just any plasma pen will give you the stunning results and gorgeous skin you’re after. So, look for the best derma plasma pen, like the one from Dermavel, that will meet all your expectations. A low-quality plasma pen may leave you with unintentional scarring or discoloration, so you really want to pay close attention to what product you’re using.
With advanced technology that improves your skin’s health from within, the Dermavel plasma pen makes sure you see the glowing, perfect skin you’ve always wanted–for a fraction of the price and right from your own home.

Prepare Your Skin and Pen

When you have the best plasma pen and you’re ready to get started removing your skin tags, there is some slight preparation you’ll need to do.

Wash your skin thoroughly in the area where the skin tag is. You’ll want to remove any oils or residue in the area so nothing gets in the way of the pen. Many people utilize rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad for the best results.

Next, you’ll need to select the proper setting for the given treatment you’re doing. The lower settings are better used for smaller ailments, while the higher settings are more suitable for larger jobs like removing skin tags.

You can easily view the setting of the plasma pen on the screen, so you’ll have no questions about whether you’re on the right setting or not.

Using the Pen

Once you’ve chosen the right setting for your desired treatment and your skin is prepped, you’re ready to get started removing skin tags with the plasma pen!

Holding the pen at a 45-degree angle to the skin, you’ll want to touch the pin-head to the skin, sweeping back and forth over the treatment area. You will notice small sparks when contact is made–but that’s completely normal and means the pen is doing its job.

Be careful not to poke the skin tags or stay on the area too long, as you could burn the skin and cause unwanted damage. So, be mindful of how long and intense the treatment is to make sure you’re treating your skin properly.

Healing Process & Recovery

After taking a look at all these steps to use a plasma pen for skin tag removal, you may be wondering how long the plasma pen recovery process is. The good news is that there is little to no downtime following the plasma pen treatment. Visible signs you may notice include scabbing or swelling, though most people go back to their normal activities very quickly.

The most important thing to remember while your skin is healing is to not pick at the scabs–let them fall off naturally on their own. This will only take a few days up to a week, so be patient so you can avoid causing discoloration or permanent scarring to the area.

Once all the scabs and crusts have fallen off, you can go back to washing your face and applying makeup as normal, though you should still avoid direct sunlight for a few weeks as your skin remains highly sensitive.

Final Thoughts on Using a Fibroblast Plasma Pen for Skin Tag Removal

With the above information in mind, you can see how beneficial it can be to use a plasma pen for skin tag removal. Both pain-free and done from your own home, you won’t have to make an expensive dermatology visit for skin tags ever again.

With the Dermavel plasma pen, you’re getting the best of the best. Using cutting-edge technology that has been proven to help people achieve all their skin goals, there’s no other plasma pen on the market that even comes close.

But you don’t have to take our word for it–check out the Dermavel pen reviews and plasma pen before and after photos to see what other people have to say about our pens. So shop Dermavel today and start looking and feeling your best in your own skin.

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