How Long Does Redness Last After Plasma Pen?

How Long Does Redness Last After Plasma Pen?
Why Doesn’t Plasma Pen Work on Dark Skin?

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How long does redness last after plasma pen treatment? That greatly depends on the individual, but redness usually disperses anywhere from 1-3 days post-treatment.

After plasma pen treatment, you may notice redness in the treated area. This is entirely normal and a common side effect of receiving plasma pen therapy. Redness is an inflammatory or vascular response of the skin in reaction to external stimuli (in this case, the plasma).

Throughout this article, we’ll discuss how long to expect redness to last after plasma pen treatment, what may affect how long it lasts, and how to speed up the healing process to savor your glowing, rejuvenated skin post-treatment!

Is Redness After Plasma Pen Normal?

Getting to know the plasma pen healing process day by day is crucial for setting expectations, so you know what’s typical, like plasma pen swelling, and what isn’t after receiving treatment.

Redness after plasma pen treatment is entirely normal. This happens to a majority of people who undergo plasma pen therapy. The redness will go away naturally and quickly if you use the plasma pen properly, follow instructions to prepare for treatment, and prioritize aftercare.

How Long Does Redness Last After Plasma Pen?

Now that you know redness is common from plasma pen treatment, how long does redness last after plasma pen therapy? The answer wholly depends on a few factors, though typically, redness will deter within a few days. Find out below what could delay the healing process for getting rid of redness!

Your Recovery Timeline is Determined by These Factors…

Some factors that can determine the timeline of your recovery after plasma pen treatment include:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Medications
  • Nutrition
  • Health (such as pre-existing health conditions)
  • Lifestyle
  • Plasma pen quality
  • Aftercare

An individual’s health can contribute to more prolonged bouts of inflammation than most others. Individuals more inclined to inflammation, who have pre-existing health conditions such as an autoimmune disorder like lupus, experience chronic inflammation. This can also coincide with medications, as some medications, such as anti-inflammatories, can deter the healing process.

Lifestyle is another factor that determines your recovery timeline. For example, smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol in excess can hinder the body’s healing process, deterring the body’s inflammatory response, such as delivering essential nutrients to the injured area needing healing.

So, How Long Does Redness Last After Plasma Pen?

Knowing the factors that can affect the healing process, how long does redness last after plasma pen therapy?

Typically, redness after plasma pen treatment dissipates within 24-72 hours post-treatment. However, some people may find a rosy afterglow in the treated area, lasting 7-14 days after treatment. This is a common side effect from treatment that will go away if proper aftercare procedures are followed, though the factors discussed above can determine how long these symptoms last.

How Can I Clear Up Redness After Plasma Pen Faster?

We’ve answered how long does redness last after plasma pen treatment. Now, you need to check out these helpful tips on how to clear up redness faster!

Invest in the Best At-Home Plasma Pen

Using the best plasma pen can reduce redness intensity and the time needed for the redness to disperse. Suppose you want to avoid the hefty plasma pen cost of treatment at a professional office but don’t know where to buy a plasma pen. In that case, Dermavel’s plasma pen for sale is precisely what you need to reduce redness and achieve the miraculous results of plasma pen therapy!

Dermavel’s at-home plasma pen can approach various skin blemish concerns, from plasma pen mole removal and plasma pen lip flip to plasma pen for acne scars and plasma pen for stretch marks. Our high-quality tool can approach various concerns, all in the convenience of your home, without spending large amounts of money going to a professional setting to treat every area one at a time.

Plus, we have the plasma pen before and after photos and plasma pen reviews from genuine and happy customers praising their success and results from using our exceptional plasma pen.

Take the Time to Learn the Proper Plasma Pen Usage

One aspect that can affect the healing process is how to use plasma pen technology for treatment. This is a crucial aspect that should be enforced to prevent plasma pen risks, such as hyperpigmentation and burns, which are readily avoidable if precautions are taken. It can also be effective for reducing redness and unnecessarily agitating the skin.

Once you know how to use a plasma pen, you can reap the benefits of this amazing tool to address numerous concerns, such as plasma pen under eye and plasma pen skin tag removal.

Focusing on Aftercare is Key For Fast Healing

To actively and successfully reduce redness after plasma pen treatment, plasma pen aftercare needs to be a priority that is put into action immediately after receiving treatment. Serious concerns like plasma pen scabs not falling off are an example of a delayed healing process from not actively enforcing quality aftercare.

Poor aftercare can delay the healing process and increase the risk of skin damage, like hyperpigmentation, scarring, and infection. The skin is extremely sensitive after treatment and more susceptible to damage, hence the need for a dedicated aftercare procedure that uses specific products, like Vaseline and Aquaphor, to avoid damaging or agitating the skin further. These products are also extremely beneficial in speeding up the healing process and improving the quality of results post-treatment!

In our blog, we answer how long do plasma pen results last. It is important to note that this can change depending on the targeted area’s size and severity, but aftercare is another significant contributor to how long plasma pen results last!

More Advice on Clearing Up Plasma Pen Redness

After treatment, avoiding the sun is crucial. The skin is more susceptible to skin damage during the healing process. Exposing sensitive skin to the sun’s harsh rays can make redness last longer. It is advised to stay out of the sun for 6-12 weeks, avoiding direct sunlight to protect the skin from damage.

A poor diet can result in a slow, lagging healing process, resulting in redness remaining longer than desired. Prioritizing quality nutrient-dense foods high in vitamin C, vitamin A, and zinc, for example, speeds up the healing process for a quicker recovery.

Staying hydrated will improve the delivery of nutrients to the injured area of the body to encourage faster healing. Low water intake slows this essential process, interrupting cell function and delaying recovery.

Closing Thoughts on Redness After Plasma Pen

There you have it - how long does redness last after plasma pen? As you know now, this greatly depends on the individual. Redness after plasma pen is common after receiving treatment and typically lasts a few days but can last longer depending on preexisting health conditions, nutrition, and the quality of the plasma pen.

With Dermavel’s top-notch at-home fibroblast plasma pen, you can reduce redness quickly. Our promising skincare tool can address many skincare blemish concerns, promoting enhanced results that will have your skin glowing with a pleasing youthful complexion.

Get your plasma pen today at Dermavel to relish in the miraculous results of this exceptional tool!

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