Opus Plasma vs Plasma Pen: What’s the Difference and Which is Right For You?

Opus Plasma vs Plasma Pen

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The Opus plasma vs plasma pen…which is the right one for your routine and your skincare goals? This is a big decision to make. That’s why we will smooth out the process for you to find what’s suitable for your goals!

Both of these treatments are powerful in their capabilities to address skin blemishes. No wonder you are here trying to find which will work best for you! Cost, recovery time, side effects, pain, and results are all basic factors to consider when assessing a skincare treatment like Opus plasma or plasma pen therapy.

Researching these can be quite a hassle, so we did it for you! Our articles assess these factors in an easy-to-read format so you can quickly find what you’re looking for and decide which is best for you - Opus plasma or plasma pen treatment. First, we’ll discuss each treatment and how it works, their differences, and which treatment is the most ideal all-around!

What’s the Difference Between Opus Plasma vs Plasma Pen?

The differences between opus plasma vs plasma pen can make or break your decision on which is suitable for adding to your routine. First, you must know how Opus plasma and plasma pen treatment work to understand how these tools establish results. Continue reading to learn more!

What is Opus Plasma?

Opus plasma is a laser treatment that utilizes microplasma and unipolar radiofrequency. This unique treatment targets wrinkles, scars, and uneven skin tone by resurfacing the skin. It is likened to a deep resurfacing treatment and facial skin rejuvenation that does not require downtime like other invasive skin procedures.

The energy from the Opus plasma is fractional. Therefore, it only addresses a fraction of the targeted area. As a result, it allows the skin surrounding the treated area to remain intact to improve healing time. The speedier recovery establishes a smoother and younger-looking complexion without the need for extensive downtime to recover.

What is Plasma Pen?

Fibroblast plasma pen technology is a non-invasive skincare treatment that addresses various skin blemish concerns. It uses groundbreaking technology by utilizing electrical energy to transform nitrogen and oxygen into plasma. The plasma arcs to make contact with the skin to create micro burns are used to instigate collagen and elastin production to replenish and rejuvenate the skin for a healthy, youthful complexion.

Our blog has extensively compared this form of treatment to other popular skincare treatments, including plasma pen vs microneedling, plasma pen vs co2 laser, and plasma pen vs botox. Plasma pen treatment has come out on top each time as the reigning champion of skincare treatments thanks to its affordability, convenience, results, and versatility. Now, let’s evaluate what’s better, comparing Opus plasma vs plasma pen!

Opus Plasma vs Plasma Pen: Which Should You Add to Your Skincare Regimen?

Which one do you pick? Deciding between the two has been made straightforward with our comparison guide between the Opus plasma vs plasma pen. Check out the differences between the two skincare treatments below to decide which to add to your routine!

Treatment Results

Does plasma pen really work for creating noticeable progress in treating different skin blemishes? Plasma pen technology is an out-of-this-world invention that has continued to wow with the progress achieved through its usage. If you want to obtain the wrinkle-free and clear skin of your younger years, then the plasma pen is how you will acquire it!

Opus plasma pen results compete on steady ground with plasma pen treatment. The chemical-free and non-surgical skincare treatment penetrates the skin, hitting the deeper layers to stimulate the healing of the skin.


Opus plasma is an incredible anti-aging tool for addressing wrinkles, saggy skin, dark spots, and stretch marks. It can fix the skin's uneven texture, rid the skin of acne scars, and address large pores for a smoother, clear complexion.

There are many plasma pen benefits, but one major feature continues to reign over other skincare treatments. It’s versatility!

Unlike Opus plasma, which mainly focuses on attributes that include skin texture for anti-aging purposes, plasma pen therapy stuns with its magic-like capabilities in addressing numerous skin blemishes. Plasma pen therapy can treat texture-based skin blemishes like the Opus plasma.

People commonly use the plasma pen for acne scars. They use the plasma pen on stomach stretch marks and to fix loose skin for a temporary tummy tuck. And they perform plasma pen under eye treatment to remove crow’s feet, fine lines, wrinkles, and saggy eye bags.

Its other versatile abilities set plasma pen therapy apart from Opus plasma pen. It can be used for plasma pen skin tag removal to save time and money going to the dermatologist. And, without an invasive procedure, it can be used for a quick and easy plasma pen lip flip for a plump and fresh look!


Opus plasma price for treatment varies depending on the size and severity of the concern. For a base, one treatment of the face and neck can cost around $600-$900, though it can go higher. Depending on how much is being treated, this price range will fluctuate.

Generally, Opus plasma treatment requires three sessions minimum. However, they are usually spaced about a month apart to promote the best results. Results from Opus plasma treatment can last 1-3 years, making the cost worth the price.

But how long does plasma pen last in comparison?

The plasma pen cost is worth the price, like Opus plasma treatment. The treatment price varies from $400-$2,000 based on the skin blemish concern and the treatment provider’s pricing. Plasma pen therapy results can last a few years, like Opus plasma, with the number of sessions depending on the severity and size of the skin blemish in question.


Opus plasma treatment is only available in a professional office due to its dangerous capabilities of causing blindness. Only the provider will require handling of the Opus plasma tool. On the other hand, plasma pen treatment is available in the comfort of your home!

At-home plasma pen is an affordable and convenient way to avoid the hassle of going into a professional office and spending large sums of money per session. The best at-home plasma pen will be easy to use, so treating your skin blemishes can be a hassle-free and enjoyable experience. Knowing this, it’s important to do your research as not plasma pens are created equal, but we’ll get into that later in the article, so keep reading!

Side Effects & Pain

Does plasma pen hurt? That is a solid concern, as some skincare treatments are rumored to be excruciatingly painful without numbing cream!

Plasma pen can cause mild discomfort, but treatment is often painless. The treatment area and the individual can determine how much pain a person experiences. For those that do experience discomfort, a numbing cream is used to make treatment more comfortable.

Redness and scabbing are two common side effects of plasma pen treatment. Occasionally, swelling can occur as well. Redness and swelling retreat within 24-48 hours, though the scabbing will naturally heal and fall off within a week post-treatment.

There is a risk of using Opus plasma that can result in blindness or corneal burns. Accidental eye injury can be linked to receiving Opus plasma therapy if eye protection is not given at the start of treatment. Of course, the eyes are protected against this during sessions, but there is still a risk if the safeguard is accidentally removed.

Redness similar to a sunburn will likely occur after the session in the treated area after Opus plasma. Some patients may find scabs as well. Most often, swelling is a side effect of Opus plasma, with mild skin peeling, too.

Opus plasma patients receive a topical anesthetic to prevent any potential discomfort. However, with this helpful addition, patients still describe the pain as mildly uncomfortable from the heat and pressure of the Opus plasma.

So, Which is Better: Opus Plasma vs Dermavel Plasma Pen?

Plasma pen treatment is the winner!

The versatility of plasma pen treatment and its lower chances of severe risks, like blindness from Opus plasma, make it the top skincare treatment tool. Look no further for where to buy a plasma pen for the best results, desirable affordability, and utmost convenience.

Dermavel’s at-home plasma pen for sale is what you need. Instead of treatment from a professional office at a high cost, you can save time, energy, and money with the top at-home plasma pen on the market!

Our plasma pen reviews are raving with cheering customers over their miraculous plasma pen before and after photos. Thanks to our fibroblast plasma pen’s high-quality design incorporating state-of-the-art technology to clear imperfections marring the skin. This small and portable device can be taken on the go for quick and easy treatment to keep your skin looking fresh and youthful no matter where you are.

Check out our blog for a detailed explanation of the plasma pen day by day healing process and how to incorporate plasma pen aftercare into your post-treatment routine. For example, we discuss the best products to use on your skin, like Vaseline, that can improve treatment results and speed up healing. We also discuss products and other aspects to avoid while your skin is recovering from plasma pen therapy.

Purchase of the best plasma pen from Dermavel grants access to a world of possibilities in upgrading your skincare. Read our blog for more information on how to use plasma pen treatment to reach your skincare goals and other questions, like how often can you do plasma pen treatment for the best results in your journey!

Bringing Our Conversation on Opus Plasma vs Plasma Pen to a Close

Comparing the opus plasma vs plasma pen, the plasma pen comes out on top as the most versatile and desirable skincare treatment!

Plasma pen therapy has made a name for itself in the skincare world, and with Dermavel’s at-home plasma pen, you can get a taste of this outstanding tool. We’ve ensured our at-home plasma pen is affordable and easy to use. We’ve added a guarantee because we know that you’ll love it. Keeping your skin glowing and blemish-free has never been easier with Dermavel’s plasma pen.

Turn back time today for healthy, youthful skin with Dermavel’s at-home plasma pen!


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