When Can I Wash My Face After Plasma Pen Treatment?

When Can I Wash My Face After Plasma Pen Treatment?

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Everyone is loving the new breakthrough treatment that plasma pens offer. The key to perfect skin, plasma pens are painless and non-invasive–so how much better can it get?! So whether you’re tired of the loose skin on your neck or are looking to diminish the look of frown lines and freckles, the plasma pen is the right tool for you.

But, what exactly does the overall plasma pen healing process look like? And what types of activities should I avoid immediately following plasma pen treatments on the face? Let’s dive deeper into these topics and more below.

Do You Need To Wait To Wash Your Face After Plasma Pen Treatment?

You may be wondering what the aftercare looks like following plasma pen treatments, and how quickly you can go back to your normal routine like wearing makeup after using a plasma pen. And while there are some risks and side effects from using plasma pens, they tend to be quite minor and only last a few days to a week.

So, the healing process is not very extensive, but there are some important details that you should keep in mind so you can see the results you’re after, without causing unwanted damage to your skin.

One of these important things to keep in mind is how soon you can wash your face. While it is acceptable to carefully rinse your face with lukewarm water only after treatments to get rid of any excess oils, you should not be applying products or hot water to your face during the beginning of the healing process. So yes–you do need to wait to wash your face after plasma pen treatments.

Continue reading to see why that is, and how you could cause permanent damage if you fail to adhere to these guidelines.

Why Can’t You Wash Your Face Right After Plasma Pen Therapy?

We can take a look at the technology behind the plasma pen to give us some insight into why you need to be extra careful with your skin following treatments. The plasma pen works by converting electric energy into gaseous diatomic nitrogen that is then applied to the problem area of the skin to stimulate the outer and inner layers for rejuvenation and increased collagen production.

Given how this process works, it makes sense that the treated area would be a little sensitive following the treatment and requires some extra care and attention. How well you care for your skin following treatments can impact how long results last, and how well you’re able to fully heal.

So as we mentioned, the healing process is not very extensive, though there are some side effects you’ll notice following treatments like minor scabbing, swelling, tingling, and others that could become worse if you apply products or hot water to the heated area in the first few days while you heal.

One of the more noticeable side effects of plasma pen treatments is the small crusts and scabs that appear on the skin. Many people are tempted to help remove these by washing and exfoliating, but it’s highly important to let these come off naturally on their own. Otherwise, you could cause scarring or premature aging to your face.

So, for both the safety and overall effectiveness of the treatment, you need to wait to wash your face in the days following your plasma pen treatment.

So, When Can I Wash My Face After Plasma Pen Treatment?

Now, let’s discuss when it is advisable to wash your face after receiving a plasma pen treatment. Generally, it’s recommended to wait three to five days to apply any products or hot water to the face following treatments, so you can begin to wash your face again after this time. But how will you know when you’re ready? A good indication that you can begin is once the crusts and scabs have naturally fallen off.

Still try to be more delicate and gentle with your skin, as it will still be healing for a week or two longer, but you can begin to go back to your normal skincare routine after a couple of days. There are some other tips to washing your face after plasma pen treatments, so continue reading to see some of our additional recommendations.

How To Safely Wash Your Face After Plasma Pen Treatment

Once it’s been a couple of days following your plasma pen treatment and you’re ready to start washing your face again, we have some tips that can make sure you’re doing it safely.

Avoid Hot Water

Although it may be tempting, you’ll want to avoid using overly hot water when washing your face while it is still healing from plasma pen treatments. This not only could be painful on your newly-delicate skin, but it also could make the swelling and tingling sensation worse. Give the treated area time to heal, and use only moderate temperatures in the meantime.

Use Products Without Perfumes, Alcohols, and Acids

To help keep your skin healing well and on the path to becoming flawless, you’ll want to also avoid using any creams, lotions, or cleansers that have perfumes, alcohols, or acids. Doing so could disrupt the healing process and could cause things like hyperpigmentation, scarring, and premature aging.

Pat Dry

Once you start doing your normal skincare routine again, it’s not just the soaps and water temperature that important, but you also need to carefully dry your skin as well. Try not to pull or rub on the skin with a rough rowel; rather, pat dry with a clean towel or cloth in order to be less abrasive and cause unwanted damage.

Other Tips For Plasma Pen Aftercare

Aside from washing your face, there are a number of other tips you should keep in mind when your face is healing after a plasma pen treatment. Let’s take a look at some of the important recommendations:

Minimize Sun Exposure

It’s very crucial to protect yourself against the sun’s harmful rays at all times, especially after receiving a plasma pen treatment. When your skin is already more sensitive and delicate, the last thing you’ll want to do is potentially expose it to even more damage.

This even includes hopping into saunas or tanning beds during the time that your skin is healing. So be sure to wear sunscreen at all times, and wear a large hat or stay in shaded areas in the weeks following the treatments.

Delay Any Other Skin Treatments

After you get a plasma pen treatment done, you’ll need to forgo any other skin treatments like facials and other cosmetic procedures in order to let your skin fully heal. But, feel free to restart them after a few weeks or months once your skin is back to normal.

Supplement With Vitamin C

A great way that you can support the healing process from the inside out is to take vitamin C supplements following plasma pen treatments. This helps strengthen your immune system and can promote strong skin repair. So consider this additional way to help speed along the healing process, alongside the external aftercare that we’ve discussed above.

When Can I Wash My Face After Plasma Pen Treatment? Parting Thoughts

So if you were wondering–when can I wash my face after plasma pen treatments–you now have a better understanding of when it’s safe to do so, and why you need to be extra delicate with your skin during the healing process.

While plasma pen treatments are highly safe and effective, you need to make sure you’re doing the proper aftercare to show your skin some love and uncover the flawless skin you’ve always dreamed of having.

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