How Long Does it Take Plasma Pen Scabs to Fall Off?

How Long Does it Take Plasma Pen Scabs to Fall Off?
Plasma Pen scabbing

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One of the concerns for those interested in receiving plasma pen treatment is the scabbing that occurs post-treatment. Various questions can arise, but one of the biggest ones is how long does it take the scabs to fall off after having the plasma pen therapy?

The scabbing process is different for everyone. The typical range lies between one to two weeks for the skin the scabs to fall off and about three to five weeks for the skin to completely heal. The scabbing can hinder anyone who has to go to work or socialize after treatment. Thankfully, there are tips to speed up the healing process.

Keep reading for more information on what to expect with plasma pen scabbing and how to prevent delaying the healing process!

Are Plasma Pen Scabs Normal?

Yes, plasma pen scabs are completely normal post-treatment!

The thought of scabbing involved with treatment encourages the question, does the plasma pen hurt? Plasma pen treatment can be pain-free for some individuals, while others may experience discomfort. Still, compared to other procedures like microneedling and Fraxel laser therapy, plasma pen treatment is much less intense.

When following along with the plasma pen healing process day by day, there are a few things to expect post-treatment. The main plasma pen dangers associated with the healing process are plasma pen swelling and scabbing. We must first learn how the plasma pen works to understand why these skin responses occur.

Understanding How the Plasma Pen Works

So, how does the plasma pen work?

During treatment, the fibroblast plasma pen performs a thermal disruption onto the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin, in the form of micro burns. This controlled damage to the skin is established through the use of electrical energy that is reconstructed into nitrogen. Once nitrogen comes into contact with oxygen, it forms plasma. When the plasma comes into contact with the skin, the micro burns are generated to encourage collagen and elastin production needed to formulate healthy, resilient skin.

Scabbing occurs because of the micro burns inflicted on the skin. The skin's healing process results in scabbing, which should be left alone so that the scabs can naturally fall off on their own.

Should I Wipe the Scab After Plasma Pen Treatment?

Should I wipe the scab after plasma pen treatment? The answer is no! Do not wipe the scabs off after plasma pen treatment, as this can raise the risk of scarring.

Regarding plasma pen mistakes, immediately washing your face after plasma pen treatment and wiping the scabs is a big no-no. This is because washing the skin, with or without an exfoliant product, can agitate the scabs and cause them to fall off prematurely.

Learning proper plasma pen aftercare and incorporating it into your post-treatment routine is crucial in preventing any easily avoidable risks associated with plasma pen treatment, like hyperpigmentation and scarring. In addition, as the skin is hyper-sensitive after plasma pen therapy, it is essential to follow along with the guided plasma pen aftercare and avoid using certain products that contain chemical or harsh ingredients that can cause the skin to inflame, raise the risk of infection, or hinder the healing process.

How Long Does it Take the Scabs to Fall Off After Having the Plasma Pen Treatment Done?

Plasma pen scabs usually fall off 7-14 days after treatment. This can vary depending on the individual, the quality of aftercare, and the treatment area. Some factors can hinder the healing process, like poor aftercare. Picking at the scabs or rubbing the face can raise the risk of scarring or lessen the quality of post-treatment results.

Should You Be Concerned About Plasma Pen Scabs Not Falling Off?

Are you concerned about your plasma pen scabs not falling off?

If your plasma pen scabs are not falling off within the 7-14 day period, then it is recommended to contact your doctor. The reason is that if a scab isn’t healing, it may cause an infection or other serious issues. With the guidance of a trained medical professional, treatment for the scabs, not healing, can be addressed appropriately. Some symptoms to look out for include redness that spreads out from the scab, swelling, and increased pain.

Tips to Improve Your Results & Speed Up the Healing Process

There are tips to improve your results and speed up the healing process that you don’t want to miss out on, like using the best plasma pen for at home use designed for precision for optimal safety. These factors can be gamechanger for promoting a speedy recovery and optimal results from plasma pen treatment. To learn more, continue reading!

Start by Assessing Your Treatment Method

For efficient results, you must first purchase a high-quality plasma pen that is expertly designed for a safe and fruitful procedure. Dermavel’s fibroblast plasma pen for sale is an affordable, easy-to-use tool that can target a variety of skin imperfections, such as skin tags, wrinkles, and sagging skin. With the addition of our plasma pen accessories, outlining the perfect procedure with step-by-step instructions, the success of plasma pen therapy will be within your hands!

Take a look at our plasma pen reviews from real customers! The satisfaction that this fibroblast plasma pen brings to our customers is out of this world. And if that isn’t enough to sway you, check out these plasma pen before and after photos, offering up visuals of the advancement this tool can encourage for all your skincare goals!

Make Sure You’re Following Proper Aftercare Procedures

Incorporating proper plasma pen aftercare is crucial in preventing damage to the skin and promoting exceptional results post-treatment. In addition, the healing process can be sped up by emphasizing quality aftercare, thanks to safe-to-use products like Aquaphor and vaseline that can hydrate dried-out skin.

The guided aftercare procedures are designed to prevent any agitation to the skin for a quick recovery by encouraging the scabs to fall off naturally. In addition, it dictates when to wear makeup after plasma pen, which can irritate the skin, and when it is safe to use other products on the skin.

Avoid Touching the Afflicted Area

To speed up recovery, the treatment area should not be touched. This is because the hands can carry oils and bacteria that can raise the risk of infection to the healing skin. Infection is a serious problem that will require the consultation of a medical professional.

If the treatment area undergoes inflammation or infection caused by exposure to bacteria or agitation, this can result in a delayed healing process and lesser quality results.

Be Patient!

Patience is vital for the plasma pen healing process. Fibroblast plasma pen therapy requires time and patience for the skin to fully heal for optimal results. If the skin isn’t given the appropriate time to completely heal after treatment, the quality of results will be less than desired. It can dictate how long do plasma pen results last and how many plasma pen treatments you need. If the healing process is rushed, it can affect the quality of results, requiring more treatments in a shorter span of time than desired.

When in Doubt, See a Professional About Your Scabs

See a professional if you find your plasma pen scabs not falling off and are taking longer than the typical period to fall off. Delayed healing can be caused by infection or other serious medical concerns. With the help of a medical professional, proper guidance can be given to address this problem.

Final Thoughts on Plasma Pen Scabs

In this article, we answered how long it takes for plasma pen scabs to fall off and provided beneficial tips on how to speed up the recovery process post-treatment. In addition, we discussed how to avoid any potential damage that can arise from not using the recommended aftercare and picking at the scabs. The scabs created during plasma pen treatment should be left alone, healed, and naturally fall off.

And with Dermavel’s plasma pen, you can get started targeting various skincare concerns for an overall upgrade to skincare, from skin tag removal to anti-aging benefits. So buy yours today for healthy glowing skin!

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