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One common ailment we all face throughout our lives is the appearance of aging in our face and skin. Wrinkles, sagging, and drooping are all signs that your skin is losing its youthful and elastic qualities. Fortunately, there are ways that you can turn back the clock and start feeling confident and radiant again.

Don’t let father time stop you from looking and feeling your best - you can use a plasma pen for sagging jowls to get that youthful, plump look in your skin again.

But what exactly is a plasma pen, and how does this treatment work? Continue reading below as we help you gain a better understanding of what your jowls are and how they contribute to an aging look. Plus, we’ll give you a step-by-step walkthrough of how you can do a plasma pen treatment for jowls from the comfort of your own home!

What Exactly are Jowls?

Looking younger always sounds like a good thing–but what exactly are jowls and how do they give off an older appearance?
Essentially, jowls refer to the sagging skin around the chin and jawline–and the truth is, many people will experience this common ailment as they age. Our skin loses its elasticity as we get older, meaning the facial ligaments weaken and our skin loses the taut-looking appearance we once enjoyed.

The good news is that there are cosmetic procedures and treatments out there that can help. So let’s discuss below whether a plasma pen treatment is a viable option for treating sagging jowls.

Can You Use a Plasma Pen for Jowls?

So maybe you’ve heard of a plasma pen and how it works to treat skin discoloration or fine lines, but you’re curious if it works just as well on the jowls.

The answer is yes–you can absolutely use a plasma pen to treat jowls! This groundbreaking treatment is not only effective at lessening the appearance of wrinkles or hyperpigmentation, but it’s also frequently used to tighten up loose skin and help you look younger. The plasma pen jowls before and after photos make it extremely clear just how effective this treatment is–so you don’t want to miss out.

Continue reading below as we dive deeper into the exact process you can take to see your desired results, including how long plasma pen results last, the plasma pen healing process, and how many plasma pen treatments you’ll need to start looking and feeling your best.

At-Home Plasma Pen Jowls Treatment: How it Works

Now that you’re aware that many people use a plasma pen for jowls treatments, let’s take a look at the step-by-step process you can do in your own home! You’ll be looking younger with more taut skin in no time.

Step 1) Get Your Plasma Pen

First, you need to get your pen. If you’re searching for the most trusted, effective fibroblast plasma pen for sale, look no further than Dermavel. Our plasma pen reviews speak for themselves–and you can even see real results by looking at our plasma pen jowls before and after photos.

But here’s what makes our product so special. Our plasma pen is noninvasive and painless–meaning it’s safe to do yourself at home, and won’t give you the discomfort and pain that you would feel with other cosmetic procedures. So, you can skip the expensive dermatology visits and achieve brighter, younger-looking skin all from the comfort of your own home.

Once you have your Dermavel pen, you’re ready to begin plasma pen treatments on yourself. Keep reading as we describe the following steps you’ll take for jowl treatments.

Step 2) Prepare Your Skin And Pen

Before you begin plasma pen jowl treatments, you’ll want to prep your skin and get your plasma pen ready. First, cleanse the skin that you will be treating to remove any excess dirt or oils that can impede on the plasma pen’s process. Then, many will want to apply a topical numbing cream in order to reduce the discomfort they’ll feel during the treatment.

Now, you’re ready to turn on the fibroblast plasma pen and get started. You’ll need to select your therapy level depending on what skin condition you’re treating–which will likely be a higher level for a larger ailment like sagging jowls. The work status and level can easily be viewed on the screen of the Dermavel plasma pen, so make sure you’re using the proper setting for the treatment you’re doing.

Step 3) Using The Pen

Once you’ve chosen the proper setting, you will hold the pen at a 45-degree angle against the desired treatment area. You will also want to support this area of the skin with your hand so it’s still and ready for treatment.

Then, you’ll gently put the pin-head of the pen in contact with the skin, and make continuous sweeping motions back and forth on the area. You will notice some small sparks appear when there’s contact between the pin-head and the skin–but don’t worry–this means the treatment is working!

Be careful to not treat the area for a prolonged period of time, as you don’t want to burn the skin. As always, making yourself familiar with the manual and paying close attention to the guidelines will ensure that your treatment remains effective and pain-free.

Step 4) Follow The Aftercare Guidelines

So after you’ve treated your jowl skin with the plasma pen, a crucial step to proper healing that will give you your desired results is to follow the aftercare guidelines properly. If you fail to follow these tips, you could end up giving yourself permanent damage and scarring that can’t be undone.

Thus, you should pay close attention to the recommendations for post-treatment care, which we will discuss in more detail below.

Plasma Pen Jowls Before And After: What to Expect

Now that you know how to actually perform the treatment, what plasma pen jowls before and after results can you expect? This will vary from person to person - as the amount of sagging skin you have will vary from the next person. However, you will see tighter skin after just your first treatment. While more treatments will likely be necessary for consistent results and enhanced appearance over time, buying your own plasma pen makes it easy to stay up on treatment.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Plasma Pen Jowls Treatment

Using the plasma pen alone can do a lot for your skin, but aftercare can be just as important in making sure the treatment is effective. So, let’s discuss some of the ways you can get the most out of your plasma pen jowl treatments.

Let The Scabs Fall Off Naturally

After undergoing plasma pen treatments, it’s normal for the treated area to scab up with small, visible crusts. It’s highly important that you let these fall off on their own, so don’t scrape or peel them off yourself, or you could cause permanent damage to your skin.
Once these crusts fall off, it’s a good sign that you can go back to wearing makeup and washing your face as normal, though still try to pat dry and be gentle with your skin throughout the rest of the healing process.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Additionally, in the days and weeks immediately following plasma pen treatments, you’ll want to avoid direct sunlight to the treated area. The UV rays can cause unwanted damage to the already sensitive skin, so wear a hat and sit in the shade whenever possible if you’re going outside while your skin is healing from plasma pen treatments.

Repeat Treatments If Needed

It takes about 12 weeks for the full effects of the treatments to set in and become apparent, so give yourself the proper time to heal during this period. Once the healing process is complete, you can begin to consider repeating treatments if you wish to see further progress, in which case you’ll start the process over beginning at step 2.

Final Thoughts on Using a Plasma Pen for Sagging Jowls

When using a plasma pen for sagging jowls, you’ll be looking younger and radiant in no time. Plus, you can do the treatments yourself from the comfort of your own home!

With the best plasma pen on the market, you can be confident that plasma pen treatments are safe, effective, and painless. So get your Dermavel plasma pen today to rejuvenate your skin for a fraction of the cost and get back your younger-looking self without going under the knife.

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