Plasma Pen Nasolabial Folds Treatment: Can You Use Fibroblast Therapy for Smile Lines?

Plasma Pen Nasolabial Folds Treatment for smile lines

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Whether you’re a smoker or simply getting older, you may notice smile lines forming on your face. And while you’re beautiful no matter what, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to learn how to get rid of them…

Nasolabial folds, also known as smile lines, can be caused by various factors. From smoking to extensive sun exposure, smile lines can appear prematurely in age and dash your self-confidence. Well, we’re here to tell you there’s a way to eliminate smile lines! It’s easier, safer, and more affordable than you may think, too.

If you’ve seen plasma pen nasolabial folds before and after photos you may already know where we’re going. If not, you need to read this article for a non-invasive, affordable method to remove smile lines. With plasma pen results, nasolabial folds are no more!

First things first - what exactly are nasolabial folds?

What are Nasolabial Folds - AKA Smile Lines?

So, what are nasolabial folds? What causes them? What are the plasma pen results for nasolabial folds? And how can a plasma pen for smile lines boast such great results? Before we teach you how to actually use a fibroblast plasma pen for this ailment, let’s provide some general information on smile lines.

What Causes These?

Nasolabial folds are caused by various factors, including smoking, sun damage, and aging. With age and exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light, collagen and elastin fibers are lost in the skin, resulting in nasolabial folds.

Elastin and collagen are needed to support the skin, prevent lasting damage, and promote recovery when damage occurs. Smoking is another typical result of nasolabial folds, as it damages the skin's elastin fibers, causing progressive damage to the epidermis.

Who is Most at Risk of Developing Them?

People who are at risk of developing nasolabial folds include:

  • Smokers
  • Anyone reaching the ages 30 & up
  • People that are in the sun frequently
  • Anyone that doesn’t expertly apply sunscreen throughout the day
  • Anyone that loses or gains significant weight
  • Anyone that sleeps on their side

Smoking already has so many adverse health side effects. So it’s no surprise nasolabial folds come with it, too. But even if you don’t smoke, you are more likely to start noticing nasolabial folds as you age.

A great skincare routine is an excellent tool to combat the accumulation of smile lines, the same as expertly applying sunscreen. Even if you are not out in the sun, exposed to UV light, you are still exposed. Sunlight travels through car and house windows, so even if you are “inside,” you are more than likely receiving damage to your skin via UV light.

Anyone who loses or gains a significant weight can find themselves subject to nasolabial folds. With significant weight gain, the cheeks often plumpen, resulting in the accentuation of smile lines. Major weight loss can lead to loose skin, commonly in the face and neck, resulting in nasolabial folds.

Sleeping on one’s side has been circling the anti-aging skincare world for its connection to the progression of wrinkles and fine lines, like nasolabial folds, hence why it is frequently recommended to sleep on one’s back instead.

Are They Treatable?

Smile lines are treatable through the help of cosmetic procedures. Some of these procedures include dermal fillers, laser treatments, and surgery. Unfortunately, most of these procedures are invasive and unnatural, injecting fillers into your skin that can do more damage than good. That’s where fibroblast plasma pen therapy comes in to save the day!

Using a plasma pen for nasolabial folds is one of the safest methods to rid yourself of these nagging lines. A non-invasive procedure, the treatment benefits of plasma pen for smile lines will astound you.

You need to if you haven’t seen any plasma pen nasolabial folds before and after pictures. The difference between the “before” and “after” is impressive!


Introducing Plasma Pen Therapy…

So, what is plasma pen therapy, and how does the plasma pen work?

A plasma pen treatment addresses multiple issues, including wrinkles, sun spots, skin tags, and undereye bags. Using a plasma pen for nasolabial folds is one of many great ways to use this magnificent skincare tool!

But what are the plasma pen results for nasolabial folds in contrast to microneedling? When comparing the plasma pen vs microneedling, there are some significant differences between the two skin treatments though they can be used to address the same issues, like wrinkles, scarring, and smile lines. The main difference to be aware of is that microneedling addresses shallow issues. At the same time, plasma pen therapy goes deeper to treat complex problems like crow’s feet and nasolabial folds. And to boot, fibroblast plasma therapy can treat both shallow and deep skin issues, unlike microneedling!

Can You Use the Plasma Pen for Nasolabial Folds?

Yes! The plasma pen for smile lines is wholly applicable and beneficial to address these skin concerns. This type of skin treatment can be used for many other needs.

Using the plasma pen for wrinkles is the most common usage of this outstanding skincare tool, and the plasma pen for stretch marks. But what other ways to use this tool that most people don’t know about?

To start the list, a plasma pen neck lift can be an excellent non-invasive method compared to going under the knife for an invasive procedure. With fibroblast plasma therapy, you can obtain the same results at a low cost. Another is plasma pen mole removal. Instead of shaving, freezing, burning, or receiving a surgical excision with fibroblast plasma pen therapy, moles can be removed in a non-invasive manner with the same desired results.

What to Expect: Plasma Pen Nasolabial Folds Before and After

Before proceeding, it’s essential to learn about the plasma pen side effects that may coincide with treatment. With any treatment or therapy, side effects may occur. Knowing these side effects can help you avoid them or know what to do when they occur.

For example, post-plasma pen treatment, swelling, redness, and sensitivity to ultraviolet (UV) light are highly likely to occur. With these side effects, knowing how to treat and protect sensitive skin from receiving any controllable damage post-treatment is important.

An example would be to use specific skincare items to soothe the skin rather than any old skincare item, as the chemicals and ingredients can irritate or inflame the skin and possibly cause an infection.

You’ve seen the plasma pen pictures and can’t wait to start. But what’s next? And how long do plasma pen results last?

This differs per person, but plasma pen results usually last between 2 and 3 years. If proper aftercare and a great skincare routine are applied, results will usually last longer!

Getting Started With Plasma Pen Nasolabial Folds Treatment From the Comfort of Your Own Home!

If you’re looking to get started with plasma pen nasolabial folds treatment from the comfort of your home, continue reading for the best steps!

Start by Finding the Right Tools & Supplies

Finding the best plasma pen is step one in getting started with plasma pen nasolabial folds treatment. And when you’re on the search for a fibroblast plasma pen, Dermavel’s plasma pen is the #1 choice for guaranteed results that go above and beyond.

At Dermavel, we have the raving plasma pen reviews to do the talking for us. Our customers are not only satisfied with the results of using our fibroblast plasma pen. They’re ecstatic!

After you find the right tools, you must learn how to use a plasma pen for optimal results and avoid any safety risks.

Mark The Treatment Area

Before beginning treatment, mark the area you wish to treat. By doing so, you help create a sort of guideline or map of where to aim the plasma pen during treatment. This can be great for knowing when to stop and not exceed the treatment area.

Don’t Touch The Pen Directly To The Skin

For plasma pen smile lines treatment, the pen should never directly touch the skin. Instead, the pen should be held 1-2 mm from the epidermis so that micro burns can be created.

Prepare for the Healing Process With Proper Aftercare

After learning the plasma pen healing process day by day, it’s important to next invest in plasma pen aftercare.

Aftercare post-treatment is one of the most significant factors in benefiting or dulling results after plasma pen smile lines treatment. That’s because the skin is susceptible to damage due to the micro burns caused to encourage collagen and elastin production. Investing in the right skincare products to apply to the skin after treatment will help promote a faster healing process and better results.

Final Thoughts on Plasma Pen Smile Lines Treatment

If you’re tired of smiling lines marring your face when you’re not smiling and seeking plasma pen smile lines treatment, then Dermavel’s fibroblast plasma pen is the tool you need.

No surgical procedures, strange injections, or costly methods. Affordable and easy to use, our plasma pen can be used in the comfort of your home without going to a dermatologist or cosmetic professional. Backed by big names like Elle and GQ, plus plenty of reviews from delighted customers, Dermavel’s got the skincare tool you need to remove those nagging nasolabial folds!

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