Plasma Pen Scarring: Can You Get Scarring from Fibroblast Treatment?

Plasma Pen Scarring

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When you desire a healthy, youthful glow through plasma pen treatment, it can be frustrating learning that it’s possible to suffer scarring from plasma pen treatment.

Plasma pen scarring is readily avoidable. Before plasma pen treatment, there are hefty factors that go into an ideal candidate for treatment. An ideal candidate will drastically reduce the possibility of scarring from plasma pen treatment. Other factors must be heeded before proceeding with treatment like how to properly use a plasma pen during treatment and proper aftercare post-treatment.

And to ease doubts and prevent the possibility of plasma pen scarring, we will be discussing attributes that can increase the likelihood of scarring from fibroblast treatment as well as characteristics and factors that are ideal in preventing scarring from fibroblast treatment.

How a Fibroblast Plasma Pen Works

A fibroblast plasma pen is a type of non-invasive facial treatment used to combat aging by tightening wrinkly skin and rejuvenating dull skin for a youthful, healthy glow. This skincare tool has taken the skincare world by storm…but how does it work?

Transforming electrical energy into gaseous diatomic molecular nitrogen, the fibroblast plasma pen then transmits this energy through the pen’s probe. When this energy makes contact with the skin, nitrogen and oxygen integrate together to create an arc of plasma. This plasma then discharges onto the epidermis, or upper layer of the skin.

When this occurs, the skin tissue contracts and the deeper dermal structure undergoes a thermal disruption. This disruption instigates the production of collagen and elastin, proteins responsible for maintaining healthy and flexible skin. Following this production, the elasticity of the skin drastically improves to promote youthful, healthy skin.

For more information on how a plasma pen works, give the linked article a read.

Is Fibroblast Plasma Pen Scarring Possible?

Scarring from the usage of a fibroblast plasma pen is incredibly rare. If this instance ever occurs, there are some key factors that may increase the likelihood of scarring. These include user error, low quality tools, or incompatible skin types. On our blog, we discuss whether plasma pens are safe, along with factors that go into the best plasma pen for at home use, as the quality of a plasma pen is a risky factor that can increase the risk of plasma pen scarring.

There are easy and efficient methods to prevent such a rare occurrence of scarring from plasma pen treatment, like using a high-quality fibroblast plasma pen, practicing proper aftercare, and more. Keep reading to learn how to avoid fibroblast plasma pen scarring.

How to Avoid Scarring from Fibroblast Treatment

Avoiding scarring from fibroblast treatment is simpler than you think. Below are easy steps to consider for learning how to avoid scarring from fibroblast treatment.

First Things First - Consider Your Skin Type

Unfortunately, certain skin types cannot use fibroblast treatment. This is not advised due to the high risk of hyperpigmentation (dark spots) and hypopigmentation (light spots) that can follow treatment.

The best candidate for fibroblast plasma pen treatment is Fitzpatrick skin types I, II, and III, a fairer skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, moderate loose skin, or atrophic acne scars.

Fitzpatrick skin types I, II, and III, are labeled by certain skin type qualities.

Fitzpatrick Skin Type


Type I

White skin, never tans, always burns

Type II

Fair skin, tans with difficulty, always burns

Type III

Average skin color, tans average, mild burns

Fibroblast pen treatment is not recommended for Fitzpatrick skin types IV, V, and VI. These skin types are more likely to be subject to burn scars, hyperpigmentation, and hypopigmentation post-treatment.

Fitzpatrick Skin Type


Type IV

Light brown skin, burns minimally, tans easily

Type V

Brown skin, rarely burns, tans darkly easily

Type VI

Dark brown or black skin, never burns, always tans darkly

Learn How to Use Your Plasma Pen Correctly

To minimize the risk of plasma fibroblast scarring, it’s important to follow instructions on how to use a plasma pen.

The first step to correctly using a plasma pen involves adjusting the suitable setting. Suppose you are a beginner at using a plasma or receiving plasma pen treatment. In that case, it is highly recommended that you start at a lower setting and gradually increase the setting as you gain experience. Before you begin, mark the area you desire to treat. This allows proper aim and knowing when to stop.

The recommended distance to hold the plasma pen from the skin is 1-2 mm. If the plasma pen exceeds that distance, the plasma will not function.

Ensure that you do not touch the needle directly to your skin. This is important!!

The plasma pen should be held within that 1-2 mm distance. At this recommended distance, you will then press the work key. This will create micro burns on your skin.

Before you begin plasma pen treatment, read our article on plasma pen risks that you should be aware of pre-treatment. If you lack confidence in your plasma pen skills, we advise you to seek a professional to perform the treatment instead to decrease the likelihood of scarring or injury.

Follow Proper Aftercare Recommendations

Post-treatment aftercare plays a considerable role in the success of your treatment and the prevention of potential plasma fibroblast scarring. That’s why we created our article, “Plasma Pen Aftercare: What Do You Put on Your Skin After Treatment?” to dive into what is safe for your healing skin and what is damaging.

Proper aftercare products and procedures can drastically enhance results and speed up recovery. If you’re curious about how long it takes to heal from plasma pen treatment, click on the link to learn how practicing proper aftercare can speed up healing.

Make sure to follow our aftercare recommendations to make the most of your plasma pen treatment and prevent the possibility of scarring!

Stick With the Best At-Home Plasma Pen Possible

Using just any plasma pen you find on the internet can increase the risk of plasma fibroblast scarring---which no one wants!

At Dermavel, our fibroblast plasma pen is a breakthrough skin treatment product that removes the high costs of going to the dermatologist and brings a safe and effective plasma therapy system to the comfort of your home. An FDA-approved and CE-approved product, Dermavel plasma pen reviews and fibroblast before and after pics do the talking for us.

Guaranteed success, safe usage, and effective skincare are waiting for you at an affordable cost at Dermavel!

Final Thoughts on Scarring from Plasma Pen

Scarring from plasma pen treatment is avoidable. From proper aftercare to the ideal skin type candidate, there are a range of factors that go into the prevention of scarring. And each one is listed above so that you can know how to avoid scarring and take advantage of the incredible benefits of fibroblast plasma pen treatment.

Get your fibroblast plasma pen today at Dermavel!

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