Plasma Pen Brow Lift: Can the Fibroblast Pen Improve Your Eyebrow Look?

Plasma Pen Brow Lift: Can the Fibroblast Pen Improve Your Eyebrow Look?

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Are you tired of sagging eyebrows? Are you done with the fine lines under your brows? Then, it’s time for a brow lift with a plasma pen!

A plasma pen brow lift is an easy, affordable, and safe way to treat those nagging lines under your eyebrows. Unfortunately, there aren’t many skincare products designed specifically for the space under your brow that can wrinkle and sag like any other body part with age. That’s where a plasma pen brow lift comes in.

Lasting anywhere from 2-3 years, a brow lift with a plasma pen can promote astounding results in a short time while fighting off aging and promoting youthful and healthy skin!

What is a Fibroblast Plasma Pen?

A fibroblast plasma pen is a small hand-held device that has taken the skincare world by storm!

This small device is used to perform fibroblast therapy to stimulate collagen production. In addition, it uses a non-invasive method to aid in the removal or lightening of wrinkles achieved by smoothing the skin.

As shown in our post discussing what a plasma pen is and how it works, plasma pen treatment has grown in popularity for its generous benefits as an anti-aging skincare tool. FDA-approved and CE-approved, this safe skincare tool can be used in the comfort of your own home---but we must reiterate the importance of following instructions and following safety protocols.

Check out our article on plasma pen risks before starting treatment to be aware and know what to look out for!

Can You Get a Brow Lift With Plasma Pen At Home?

You can! A brow lift with a plasma pen at home is achievable in promoting results like smoothing and tightening the skin to boast anti-aging benefits.

Practicing caution and ensuring proper aftercare when using a plasma pen at home is vital. In our post discussing plasma pen aftercare, we detail the best tips and guided instructions on what is safe to place on post-treatment sensitive skin.

What Type of Results Can a Plasma Pen Brow Lift Provide?

Using a plasma pen for a brow lift will promote only the best results!

As shown in our plasma pen before and after photos, our plasma pen guarantees the results you’ve been searching for. Using the plasma pen by following the eyebrow line will combat sagging brows, nagging wrinkles, and other pesky dull skin issues. This is done through the plasma pen that aids in tightening and firming the skin, which combats these issues.

Using Plasma Pen for Brow Lift: Tips & Tricks

When using a plasma pen for a brow lift, it’s crucial to note some essential tips and tricks to obtain the best results. Follow along below to learn how!

Start By Getting the Most Trusted, Effective Pen at Dermavel

You must invest in the best plasma pen to achieve the best results!

If you’re wondering where you can find a fibroblast plasma pen for sale to be used at home, then Dermavel is the trusted company you’ve been searching for. No more expensive visits to the dermatologist! Save your money with our high-quality fibroblast pen that promotes the smooth, glowing skin you’ve been yearning for.

Dermvel’s plasma pen reviews can do the talking as our brand is committed to providing only high-quality, safe products that can help our customers achieve their skincare goals!

How to Use the Pen Safely for Brow Lifting Effects

To use the fibroblast plasma pen safely for brow lifting effects, we highly recommend that you first read our article on the plasma pen healing process. This provides a daily guide on what to expect after plasma pen treatment to prepare yourself with the right products and treatment plan.

As the treatment is around the eyes, practice extreme caution as this is a sensitive area. In addition, the fibroblast plasma creates micro-burns on the skin to encourage collagen production, so if you are not careful, you could end up directing the tip of the pen to your eye---which can cause severe damage!

In a previous post, we detailed how to use a plasma pen for under-eye bags, which is directed around the eyes, similar to when addressing the brow for brow lifting. We encourage you to follow along with our attached posts for the best tips and guided steps on how to practice caution and promote the best results on your skincare journey.

Follow Proper Aftercare & Navigate the Healing Process

As the plasma pen is essentially damaging the skin to trigger collagen production, it’s essential that you properly navigate the healing process with proper aftercare.

Not all products are safe for your skin post-treatment. In fact, there are more products you should stay clear of than not! Products containing scents, fragrances, or chemical ingredients can hinder the healing process and even seriously damage the healing skin. That includes makeup! Allow your skin to heal before layering on any skincare products or makeup, and instead, use products like vaseline or Aquaphor to help with the healing process.

The healing process is different for everyone. Give our post a read for information on how long the healing process usually lasts!

Follow up With Additional Treatments as Needed

As previously discussed in our post on how long plasma pen results last, results vary from person to person but usually last around 2-3 years. And you can make them last longer than that so you can reap the benefits of this outstanding procedure!

Don’t rush treatments, giving your skin time to heal before following through with another procedure. Instead, dedicate your time to aftercare post-treatment; the results will last longer, but if you need another treatment in a few years, make sure to follow up for another round!

Final Thoughts on the Plasma Pen Brow Lift Procedure

No more sagging or wrinkles under brows, not with the plasma pen brow lift procedure!

At Dermavel, our high-quality fibroblast plasma pen is affordable and safe to use at home. You can achieve the desired results at a much lower cost than going to a dermatologist for treatment. If you want to boast results and raise your confidence levels for the ultimate brow lift, check out Dermavel’s plasma pens!

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